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LG XL Capacity Gas Dryer

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Decent dryer...a bit expensive. Attractive in looks, though.


We had to replace our 15 year old dryer....the washer as well...about 1.5 years ago. We picked this dryer because it was the matching partner to our washing machine. It does not necessarily have any problems, but I cannot say that it works superior to my old Kenmore gas dryer. I do like that there are a lot of different settings to choose from, but I usually stick to the standard timed dry on the highest temp...which takes about 55 minutes. Things usually do come out dry, although occasinally if it is a load with a lot of towels I will have to re-run it. The dryer is quiet, which is nice. I do like the fact that you can see into the 18 month old likes this too. We have been able to wash beloved stuffed animals as they dry, which helps when you are trying to convince your child that their animals are okay.

Thomaston, GA


LG Dryer! (Awesome!)


Seriously - LOVE LOVE LOVE my new dryer!!!!! My husband and I had been saving for this dryer for some time! We have 5 kids - and our dryer worked - but it took 2-3 times of running it to get the clothes dry. We have the matching front load washer to this dryer - we purchased it prior and were waiting on the dryer to die. Never did - just never dried clothes well. Anyways we spotted a sweet deal on this dryer - and snagged it! I could not get enough of washing clothes for many many weeks! LOVE this dryer!!!! I like that there are so many options! Its not just cut and dry like set on one cycle and thats it. You have options to add time or whatever! I also like the little music it plays at the end - sounds cheesy - but its cute! :) Our clothes typically are completely dry when they come out - it does an awesome job at getting the lint or animal hair off of them too (we have 2 dogs and a cat who shed like they are in the bahamas or something!)  The only negative - it has a "quick dry" cycle - it is pointless to use it b/c it will not dry the clothes all the way and you have to run it again - which is the same amt of time as the original dry. Our 2 yr old decided to tear off the strip that goes around the dryer (sealing it so things dry properly) and honestly - it was not that hard to fix! Again, LOVE this dryer! HIGHLY recommend it!

Warren, MI


LG XL Capacity Gas Dryer

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