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LG WM3360HRCA Washer

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LG WM3360HRCA is a fab machine


This washer is a wonderful addition to my home. Not only is it extremely efficient and economical, it also looks fantastic in my bathroom/laundry room. Energy Efficiency I have noticed a slight drop in my electric usage since I upgraded to this LG washing machine. I do at least one load of laundry just about every day of the week, sometimes more, some loads large, some small. That's the beauty of this machine, it automatically senses your load and adusts the cycle accordingly, thereby minimizing the amount of water that is used to efficiently clean whatever you are washing. As my water heater is electric, this is a fabulous way to minimize the hot water useage when doing laundry. Cleaning Time I am very satisfied with the time it takes to complete a cycle. Performance My clothes and other items come out very clean, and not at all twisted or clumped together, which is the problem I had with my prior washing machine. Also, the very efficient spin action has my finished load coming out without a drip which, in turn makes drying time very fast, whether I am hanging outside to dry or placing in the dryer. My only complaint is that this washer, which sits on an optional base, really shakes a lot in the spin cycle, so much that I had to purchase shock absorbers for the feet, to minimize the shaking. This could be a resut of the combination of sitting up higher on the base, and the 150 year old floor that it is positioned on. The floor is level, though and also reinforced from the bottom, so this is just an issue to be aware of if you are considering purchasing this front loading machine with the optional base. Ease of Use This model is very easy to use ~ just take the time to review the operating manual. Although there are a variety of cycles to chose from, to include steam cleaining, I pretty much use the cotton setting for most items and it always cleans well. Design A nice, modern looking appliance, and I really love the optional base which raises the washer to a level where I don't have to bend down to load/unload. Looks really smart in my home. Durability I've been using this washer for over a year now, and am very pleased with its peformance overall and would recommend it to others.



LG WM3360HRCA Washer

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