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LG - Vision Cell Phone

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Great Phone for the Basics


The LG LX160 cell phone is a good little phone for anyone who wants the basics.  It is a flip style phone. The strengths of the LG LX160 include a dedicated texting button, sturdy design, and pretty cheap price tag.  The LG LX160 also has Blue Tooth capabilities, speaker phone, and all the other features that have come to be considered basic: calander, alarms, headphone jack, contact lists, etcetera. What the LG LX160 lacks are the bells and whistles of today's "smart phones".  It is not a touch screen, does not have an MP3 music player, and does not even boast a camera.  You can access the Internet for ringtone and game downloads, but true Internet browsing would be nearly impossible on the LG LX160's small screen. The battery life of the LG LX160 is nothing to sneeze at, lasting up to 2 or 3 days (with minimal use) without needing a recharge. Overall, the LG LX160 is a great starter phone for basic users.

Tomball, TX


The LX160 is very easy to use adn durable.


This cell phone is very easy and convenient to use.  The  options are useful.  It has three alarms and a quick alarm.  The quick alarm comes in very handy, it has settings of ten minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, and one hour.  It has a calendar, it has lots of memory, memos can be added to each day, and alerts can be set, either daily or repeat on the some day of the week or month.  It comes in very helpful for reminding you of due dates for bills or appointment.  There are plenty of spots for your contacts and you can add other information to each contact, along with icons to designate what kind of contact it is, buisness, family, friend, etc..., for instance.  More than one phone number can be assigned to a contact (such as home, office, cell, fax, etc...), and different ring tones, as with most phones.  I like the flip style, it fits my hand and feels good.  I have dropped it several times and it keeps on working.

Pendleton, IN


East to use


My Sprint LG came as part of my service contract.  The only cell phone I had prior was in the mid 1990s -- those phones which always had to be connected to a power sources--the portable battery weighed about 2 lbs.   I am pleased with the features and options.  However even if not used the battery must be charged every day.  When I first got the phone (around November) it could go for at least 2 days without being charged if not used.  I use the phone mainly for security and to contact friends in my former home town without incurring long distance charges since I still use that area code.  Therefore I did not need a phone that did everything.  I also enjoy other features such as the calendar and alarm clock.

Brazoria, TX


good basic phone, however battery doesn't seem to stay charged


The LG-Lx160 Sprint cell phone is a good basic  phone. If I could change one thing it would be the battery. It does not seem to stay charged for more than 72hrs at a time with not a lot of usage. The reception is good.

Umatilla, FL


The LG Sprint Vision cell phone is the best cell phone I've had.


The LX160 Sprint Vision cell phone from LG is compact, durable, easy to use, and had a long battery live between recharging.  The skin seems to be scratch resistant and it has a front window that shows the caller ID info, date and time which is very convenient.  I love this phone!  It has many features that I don't use, but could, such as web access, call waiting, texting, etc.

Mountain City, TN


LG - Vision Cell Phone

4.0 5