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LG VX-9400 Cell Phone

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LG- vx9400 cell phone not a good choice


my review for the LG - vx9400 not only was this phone fragile, it is also complicated. the only thing i found usefull about this phone was it left room in my pockets for multiple things, and the fact that i could mesh my mp3 player, e-mail and phone into one, but come on seriously everyother phone does that now day. another complication with the phone is the charger i went through three chargers in my period of owning the phone. and also the phone like to act up, spacificly the fone would send one text to mulitiple people without me telling it to do so and would freez very often. the slightest fall from my skateboard would cause it to turn off making me loose contact with those trying to call me. i was extremly unsatisfied with this phone. my carrier never even replaced when it broke. i didnt drop it, i didnt abuse it. the screen just went off one day and it makes a weired ringing noise. thats all i have to say about this extremly crappy phone DO NOT BUY...


Buckeye, AZ


This cell phone is actually very good


I got this cell phone about 3 years ago as part of a promotion that verizon wireless was offering, it ended up costing me nothing (except for the tax of course). I also got one for my wife, and she likes it a lot. The phone battery has just started to seem to wear out a little, but for the most part the battery life lasts for at least two to three days without a recharge, and what I also like is that you can charge it while it is still on, which makes it a lot easier to hear phone calls and the alarm while it is charging. The voice quality is just about as good as any other phone that we have used in the past. The camera feature is fairly basic, and it isn't a real smooth picture when you move the phone around trying to take a picture. The available options are decent and sufficient. Overall this phone if an incredible deal for the promotion that I got. Next I will be upgrading to the next good deal that verizon has to offer.  I can't wait.


Beaumont, CA


Nice Cell Phone, Advanced....


I purchased this cell phone for my son over a year ago and he has had no complaints.  He loves the screen and how it turns and just the overall look of it.  He is a huge texter so he really does not like the texting option for this phone because he is used to a keyboard style phone.  It is a little difficult for him to text but that is his only complaint.  He loves how videos, pictures, etc. look on the screen.  The resolution is awesome and a lot better to many of the other cell phones that we have both had.  The screen turns with ease and is very sturdy.  When you look at it you might be scared that the screen will break easily but trust me with a teenager using it, it is built to last and built to cater to the roughest of teens.  I would recommend this phone but not for people who like texting, it is a phone for people who like to view videos, tv shows, etc. on their phones.  Great phone and my son is quite satisfied!


Palm Coast, FL


Doesnt work too well


I bought this phone about 1 year ago and it has lasted, surprizingly. But I have had nothign but problems with it. It always freezes on me. When I flip it open it will stay on that image for a few seconds or sometimes not even do anything. I would have to remove the battery pack and restart it.  One time I removed the memory disk to transfer my pictures to my computer and ALL of my pictures were gone. I asked Verizon if there was anyway to recover my pictures and there wasnt. They said from now on to download my pictures to picture place, but that is concidered for my minutes and text messages. This phone has shut off by itself so many times that I just want to throw it away. Verizon did let me try the Vcast for a month, and it was pretty decent, I got to see a few tv shows, but not as many as they told me. It is able to use the internet, but you have to scroll down each and every page one by one, and one page can take over 10 minutes to load on this phone and it takes forever to type in an email. There is no way that you can have a phone cover for this phone unless it is a universal pouch because of the flip screen. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. With the camera part the pictures arent all that clear and you cant zoom in very far. If you want to take a picture or video at night, you would have to have a digital camera because this is aweful for it.


Gilroy, CA


It is cooler than it looks


So I am relatively new to the cellular phone industry. I have had the LG VX 9400 for about one year give or take. At first i was in love with it. The screen has BEAUTIFUL Coloring. Reading text, dialing numbers, or updating contacts is very easy do to the well lit, easy to see, and color friendly screen. The pictures this camera takes is better than my actual digital camera. It is wonderful. Also another feature is the video camera. It is very clear with both visual and sound messages. It sends videos quickly. You can take a fifteen second for messaging or you are able to record up to an hour for storage. It is very good. The phone sound quality is just fine, nothing amazing. Service is usually high bars, but there is an antenna that extends about three inches or so. My only complaint is that it has the worst battery life ever. Charging it is always a huge fight. It just never holds a charge.


Uniontown, PA


Impractical. Engineer of this product should be fired.


The LG 9400 is a sleek looking phone from the outside but an impractical use on the inside. When listening to voicemail you have to keep phone open and tilt to the side to listen so you can hit the keys to delete and listen to messages. The face of the phone is scratched quit easily. Durability of this phone is decent, though it has a delay when going back and forth from open to close. I traded this one in almost immediately after getting it to get the new LG EnV2 and I love it. The numbers on the outside and the inside are perfect for whatever you're doing- be it texting or checking messages and talking. The functionality of the LG9400 still needs improvements. I would advise not to buy it. I was happier with my Razor than the 9400.


Carmel, IN


LG VX-9400 Cell Phone

2.8 6