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LG Ultra-Large Capacity High Efficiency Top Load Washer

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I would not give this washer to my worst enemy


This is a terrible washer. Not only does it not clean but it also leaves a white residue on dark clothes. I have tried several types of laundry detergent with no improvement. It requires an extra rinse (a waste of time, energy and water) or a hand rinse. It twists and turns the clothes very tightly to the point it tore my husbands dress shirt. The worst is it is constantly off balance. The load cannot be larger than 1/2 capacity or it stops and gives an error code of off balance. I cannot wash just one towel with tshirts, etc because it becomes off balanced!! It dictates how I can do laundry instead of making laundry any easier. Calls to customer service just blame me for not sorting the clothes correctly. I do not want to wash 15 loads to get every towel, sweatshirt and pair of jeans clean. I will NEVER buy another LG appliance again. I am praying for this one to die so I can justify purchasing another unit

Charlotte, NC


Not my favorite


I have three kids one of them being an infant. I cloth diaper and wash clothes practically every day. I am not a fan of this washing machine because it takes way too many washes to get my diapers clean and does not fill with water efficiently.



Do NOT buy this machine!


Following a lot of research we purchased this machine to help conserve water. What we got was conservation at the expense of clothes that were never clean. We would wash a load of towels and hand towels, dry and put away. As soon as those towels became the least bit wet from use they smelled like old dish rags. My under shirts took on the same terrible, sour odor. We contacted the manufacturer and they said run Chlorox throw the machine three times and the odor would go away. What a ridiculous response. It didn't do anything but waste the bleach. If the machine doesn't have enough water, and it doesn't agitate, it won't get clothes clean, and that's a simple fact. These are the apparent product of some marketing genius who cared more for promotion than quality. We will never purchase from LG again.

Wenatchee, Wa


Really really good item



Saudi Arabia


Expensive Junk - dirty clothes - wastes water & energy


I was super excited with my expensive purchase, thinking not only would my clothes be cleaned but I would be able to wash bigger loads at a time and save time, water and energy. Unfortunately, the assumption was wrong. From day one, the clothes always smell dirty. I try adding extra water, to no avail. The extra water settings work only half the time. I have to contstantly babysit the washer to make sure it's added the water, otherwise the top side of the load of clothes doesn't even get wet. Leaving the clothes to smell like a wet dog. Even with the extra water, the clothes don't necessarily come out smelling clean. It continuously detects an unbalance load, which wastes a lot of water as it fills up the drum of water, tries to balance and then throws water out. It usually repeats this about three times, and then tye clothes are left wet and uncleared. Which is another reason why it needs babysitting, even with smaller loads. My black work clothes constantly come out with white streaks, which then I have to re-wash. To add insult to injury, I tried washing a blanket in it, and now the drum has sunk in. I have followed all cleaning recommendations, but it hasn't mattered. I wish I could get my money back, and be able to buy a good old fashioned machine that would do a good job so my family could wear clean clothes for once. Especially when the cycles used to be around 35 minutes vs. 1+ hour.



I am happy to use this item


I like your product and I am happy to use this item



it is awesome product


it is very good.it is an awesome product and i will recommend this to a friend for an home usage. and it can be easily operated,it is used for every day clothes,bedding,cotton,neon,wool,silk,Delicate,heavy,bulk,shirts,tea shirts and clothes and i mention it for heavy use age and lg is is one of the best brands i recommend and i also love to get products from amazon and the product is not so heavy and so light and we will have no trouble in shifting the product form one place to another i will not only recommend this to a friend i will recommend this to a family i hope that lg will maintain this quality this is an amazing little machine and it can be attached to a bathroom sink, and drained to the bathtub. And a hose does come with it, although i bought a separate longer hose to extend the distance to where the machine sits. You should also buy an adapter that helps you quickly switch between the wash machine hose and your regular mode of using the sink, or otherwise you would have to constantly screw on and off the hose which isn't really ideal at all. The adapter is available here as garden 36939 indoor tap garden hose connector set' . On contrary to what it looks like on the page, it has a stainless steel aerate adapter that directly replaces your existing sink aerator and also serves as the adapter to the plastic adapter piece that is screwed onto your hose. Works extremely well and convenient - used for more than an year now without issues .

united states


Doesn't clean clothes that well


After my trusty Maytag washer (which did a great job) broke after 20 years, we bought the LG top loader to match the existing LG dryer we had. I noticed that the clothes don't come out looking of smelling really clean. Maybe because there is less water used or no agitator but I'm not happy with the results after an hour and 10 minutes to do a wash when the Maytag did a better job in 40 minutes.

Caldwell, NJ

Machine is junk!


Was told by salesman that I could load 18 towels in a load. What a joke! I use small towels, and maybe can load 12. Jeans/pants never work. Between the book, corporate, the repairman, the salesman, online help--some say to load all like items in a load, others insist it cannot be like items--load must be mixed. How realistic is that? I have bedding, blankets, towels.... Blankets/quilts NEVER work. Towels are always problematic. Pants are always a problem. I don't think I've ever had a problem with a small load of underwear, but the service man told me never to wash really small loads. They've rebuilt virtually the entire machine, and I still have the same problems. Not very efficient when it continuously fills and refills with water for hours. I paid a lot of money for this machine--I can't afford to just go out and buy a new machine. I spend half my day babysitting the cycle. I'm sick of it. I've learned not to trust anyone from the salesman to LG to the repairman!

Omaha, NE


LOVE my LG Washing Machine!


This is my first brand new washer and I love it! I refused to purchase a front loading washer, and loved the idea of a top loading HE. The glass lid is nice to have. A favorite in our family is the 'buzzer', as it's a nice musical tune! This handles large loads without a problem. Load buttons/steps are simple enough for my 11 y/o to use! Energy Efficiency The machine 'assesses' the load I've put in, then begins the cycle. It automatically adjusts the amount of water needed for every load! This in itself saves on the water bill! Cleaning Time I rated this one an 8, but only because some of the loads take a long time. This is totally expected, though, when I'm using the SANITIZING mode. I do appreciate how it adjusts the actual time for each load if it's ready to go----shorter spin time if it's done etc. Performance I was very nervous about getting an HE washer. The lack of water in the front loaders just seemed so odd to me--and not clean. It's a mental thing, I suppose. But with this washer the water level is adjusted for each load, and some of my larger loads have used more water which is just what I desired!

Griswold, IA


LG Ultra-Large Capacity High Efficiency Top Load Washer

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