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LG - UX260 Cell Phone

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Frequent system updates


Keyboard has slight delay, beware of pushing the delete button to hard IT WILL earse everything you have if you are not careful. Cell phone battery lasts for a while, but the phone will freeze if you talk on it for to long.

Lewiston, ME


Overall, it's a decent phone.


I got the LG UX260 thinking that it could solve all of my problems with communication and listening to music.  It is limited with what kind of micro sd card that it can take so holding a bunch of music, which I had intended it to do, would not have worked.  The phone also has a problem with turning itself off.  I'm not sure what brings this on, but sometimes when I check it and it hasn't been moved or anything it is shut off.  Using the mobile browser is pretty fun.  It has all of the sites that I need to check throughout the day such as my yahoo email and facebook.  Another thing that I was disappointed in was the limitations on what games can be played on it.  I saw a list of all the possible games that a phone can have and the majority of them can't be played on this phone.  The game selection that is available to buy for the phone is very limited and are pretty short gameplay overall.  Overall, the phone is good for its basic functions of talking and texting, but if you're looking for something more then I would not recommend it.

Lynchburg, VA


The LG UX260 is not reliable.


The LG UX260 looked like a great buy at first, with its cheap price tag and cool QWERTY keyboard, but I soon found out there was a reason for the low price. The keyboard at first was handy and reliable, but it soon started to malfunction. At times it lagged behind my fingers, then it would start to sporadically decide to not function at all. Also, when the "Back" key was pressed too hard, it deleted the entire text that I had typed out. After about a month, I had stopped using the QWERTY keyboard (which was one of the main reasons I bought the phone in the first place) altogether. I got what I expected out of the camera and music player, which was nothing much. I enjoyed being able to transfer my own MP3 ringtones to the phone through Bluetooth, but a lot of phones can do that nowadays. The battery gave me much trouble, as well. The phone would turn off for no reason from time to time, and the battery life indicator would switch from 1 bar to almost no power sometimes instantaneously. Overall, this phone was not worth buying because the one feature that made it stand out, the QWERTY board, was rendered useless just after the warranty period expired.

Madison, WI


Couldn't Imagine Life Without It!


**I purchased my phone back in May 2008. It is an LG UX260 1x Multimedia Messaging Phone. This phone has TONS of features including a side slide QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera & camcorder, Bluetooth, a 2.0" 176x220 TFT LCD screen, Speakerphone, MP3 player, Micro SD memory port with 4GB support & lots more! This is one of the MUST HAVE phones for a texting fool like myself! **

Westboro, MO


LG - UX260 Cell Phone

3.3 4