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LG - UN610 Mystique Cell Phone

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Nice Options but Not my favorite phone


I have had the LG - UN610 Mystique Cell Phone for three months now. I like some of the options - I don't like others. I like having a touch screen, but this one is very hard to operate. I can only access it with my fingernail - not my finger. I like being able to do self-portrait shots with the camera, but I don't like using it in the regular mode. The phone has to be closed, and it is very difficult to hold the camera without touching the screen and snapping the shot before I'm ready. I like the level of sound it will give off - have not been able to hear a phone when it rings as well as this one. My last phone had a one-touch feature to turn on vibrate. It's not that easy to switch on this phone - In fact it took forever to figure it out, and it wasn't in the instructions. I like having a full keyboard, but don't like that the number keys are not available on the touch screen. It's difficult to dial. I guess you have to weigh what's important to you, but I probably would not reinvest in this model again.

Glasford, IL


LG - UN610 Mystique Cell Phone

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