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LG - Tritan Cell Phone

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Having an actual qwerty keyboard is nice


The LG Tritan is a great phone, probably the best phone available from alltel.  It has a large touch screen display with a sliding keyboard, and a thumb pad for easier navigation.  It also has a full html browser, with access to email, navigation, applications, and Instant messaging.  It supports many picture and video files, such as .wmv, .mpeg, quicktime files, .wmp, and .jpeg.  Some other features include an accelerometer, voice command, a proximity sensor, a 3 megapixel camera with video, games, calender, axess tv, music with mp4 support, an sd slot, a lock button, and volume control keys.  However, if you do not like touch screens or want a durable phone that you can throw from your porch, you might want a different phone. But if you like texting, instant messaging, listening to music and electronics with the latest features, and somehow got stuck with alltel as a service provider, i would recommend the LG Tritan.

Bozeman, MT


Love my Triton!


I have had the LG Triton for over a year now and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I had the originally started with the LG Bliss which had THOUSANDS of problems and let me unable to use my phone for a single thing. Once I finally got through dealing with US Cellular, I got the LG Triton. Compared to the Bliss I love the weight of it. It's not so light that if you drop it you feel like it will shatter, but it's not heavy to where you feel like you are carrying a brick either. It's very user friendly, has TONS of features to it! You can change, customize, and personalize just about every single aspect of the phone. It has an adequate amount of storage, and has the Micro SD card slot for more memory. I use this phone as my phone, MP3 player, alarm clock, everything. I love that it has the QWERTY keyboard also in case something ever happened with the touch screen options like my Bliss did. It will still allow me to use the phone. I hadn't even questioned when I am due for an upgrade until now! HA! Shows how much I love this phone!

Des Moines, IA


There are better cell phones out there than this


I had tried this phone for over a week or two, I at first enjoyed having it because you can browse and serve internet sites and see and get a good view is what on each site. I also enjoed the fact that there are four sides for the screen saver, but I also found this somewhat unnessicary and would just be happy with one. I also noticed that the touch screen was unresponsive at times, and I usually had to touch it twice or more to get a response out of it, which usually redirected me to something I didn't want. I also wasn't too impressed with the ringtone services it comes with that you can access online while you are using it because some were confusing, others were hard to figure out, and some claimed to have free ringtones and then ended up charging me. I also ended up getting charged before I had even signed up for a plan when I was told there would be no hidden fees, but I'm sure that's more of the phone service provider's end, and not the phone itself. Also, I found the phone itself to be too thick and heavy as well as bulky. I like having a phone that actually doesn't take up my whole jean pocket.

Berlin, NH


touch screen broke, first month


I will admit, I am slightly upset with my expierence with this phone from the start. I was told this was a smart phone, and it is not, it is a texting phone. now once i got past that I was able to almost enjoy the phone, even though the gps in the phone is useless, it will get you where your going, but if you want to come home, good luck, for ex. I traveled from st louis to Kansas City, gps had no issues, once i got to KC, and wanted to return the gps could not locate me untill i was back in st louis, and on the US Cellular network. like most TS phones on the market today the phone becomes useless once the touch screen breakes, but in this case the TS broke in under a month, I replaced the phone three times, and each time it lasted about 30 - 60 days before having to replace the TS.  The internet browser is not a full functioning browser, this means when i was in kansas city and needed a hotel I was unable to use sights like priceline, hotwire or to book my hotel. i recomendyou stay away from this phone, if you need a phone with a keyboard go with a g2 from htc.

East Carondelet, IL


Average phone for the average user


I got this phone as a Christmas present last year.  At first is was absolutely perfect.  It worked great and was a very impressive phone.  But after two months, wear and tear started to show.  The touch screen only works half the time.  If you touch the screen the wrong way, the phone shuts down.  The camera takes very dark pictures even if you have great lighting.  The cell phone shuts off randomly during calls.  The battery only lasts a couple hours and it's even worse when you try to use the internet. As for the internet, it's not impressive at all.  It takes forever to load.  You wait at least 5 minutes for one page to load.  The font is really small and when you try to magnify it, the font becomes way too big.  Half of the time the internet is not useable. All in all I'd have to say that if this phone was one of your options, you should pass.  It's not worth the money.  I'd rather spend a little more money and get way more quality.

Farmington, MO


LG Tritan, not anything to write home about


I was really excited to get this phone about 2 years ago.  Needless to say, it isn't all its cracked up to be.  Pros: - QWERTY keyboard:  I absolutely love the keyboard!  The keys are just the right size so that you don't accidentally push other keys.  Of course, most qwerty keyboards aren't meant for the large handed anyway. - trackpad:  The trackpad is awesome, by far one of the best features on the phone.  No more cursing because the trackball is dirty. - External speaker:  The speaker for the MP3 player is superb and delivers a good level of sound without breaking up. Cons: - Touchscreen:  Despite having taken very good care of my phone, the touchscreen wasn't as responsive or was inaccurate after the phone was about 8 months old.  This caused dialing issues as you can imagine.  - MP3 player: No resume.  I don't listen to music, I listen to talk radio podcasts that can be anywhere from 30-180 minutes long.  You can't exit out of the mp3 player without completely losing your place.  No way to bookmark your place either. - Camera:  The camera isn't very high quality.  There is no flash.

Bethel, MO


Best phone I've ever owned!


I've owned quite a few cell phone over the past several years- from the MotoRazr to the LG Rumor. But none of them have even come close to this phone. I don't have one single complaint about the LG Tritan. My favorite feature of this phone is the touchscreen. I may be easily amused but I think this is the coolest thing ever invented. It makes things so much easier. Something I love equally as much as the touchscreen feature is the qwerty keyboard. If you're big on texting then you definitely need a qwerty keyboard. It saves so much time! My last phone I had ended up getting broken and I had to get it replaced. I've had the LG Tritan for almost a year and dropped it numerous times but there isn't even a scratch on it. This is the most durable phone I've ever had. Being a mom I take a lot of pictures with my phone. And the fact that my daughter is 10 months old makes taking a decent picture almost impossible but the camera on this phone takes the best pictures even when Madi is trying to crawl away. I love this phone!

Conneaut, OH


The LG Triton; nice package, subpar performance.


         Cell phones. Everyone uses them, and they have albeit replaced standard landlines as a much more convenient and practical way of communicating. Since the inception of the cellular telephone many things have changed; size, features, reliablility, and of course the interface. Which brings us to the LG Triton UX840/AX840. Though at first the GUI (Graphical User Interface) looks pretty, and seems easy to use, its riddled with pitfalls.          The first problem I must address is the astonishing lack of consistency in the menus. Some features of the phone are almost impossible to find, (I had the phone 2 months before I found out you could set up a picture slide-show on the main screen, and I couldn't even tell you now how I did it) primarily because of the flip-screen feature. With this feature, the screen position will change depending on the position of the phone. If you turn the phone on its side, the screen will turn on its side, and with the phone turned in the upright position the screen turns upright. The problem with this is that some menus may have different options, or be missing some options, depending on the position of the phone.         Another problem which may make you want to sling the phone across the room, is its extremely annoying habit of turning off the screen and locking the phone while you are in a call. What if you need to send a text, or use the keypad during a call? Well, if the backlight has turned off, the only way to get it back on is by pressing the "power" or "end call" button. Now this is fine if the phone has actually locked itself, however, this may not always be the case. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally hung up on someone because I was trying to get to the keypad, or trying to take them off speaker phone.          These days, even the most rudimentary cellular device comes equipped with some sort of web browser. Obviously, no cell phone web browser is as functional as one found on a computer, though many of today's smart phones do come close. Unfortunately, though the LG Triton is a touchscreen, it is far from a smart phone. Though the web browser does have many features, such as the ability to watch youtube videos and check e-mail, it lacks some of the more popular modern features, such as the ability to sync the phone with g-mail, or other e-mail providers. Of course, this problem is minor compared to the phone's stability issues. It crashes on a regular basis, and occasionally may freeze up completely. I had the phone freeze once while I was typing a text message, and ended up having to pull the battery to fix it! The phone is even more unstable while running the web browser.          Though this phone does have a somewhat capable web browser, it has quite a few problems. Besides the above mentioned problem of instability, the screen is a bit too small for a touchscreen. This can make clicking small links very frusterating, as you will often have to zoom way in to click them, and then wait for the link to load so you can zoom back out. This problem is helped somewhat by the small joystick-like protrusion below the "end call" button, which acts as a mouse. Unfortunately, this "joystick" is not very responsive, and wears out quickly. I've had my Triton for about 6 months now, and I don't often use the "joystick", however, it has already begun to stick and the "up" button has already begun to wear out.          Despite all these cons, there are a few redeeming qualities. For one, this phone sports a nice 3.0 megapixel camera, allowing it to take some pretty high quality pictures. It even has a digital zoom functon. It also has the ability to take short 15 second videos that come out pretty well. The only thing it lacks in the camera department is a larger lens, which would take better advantage of the picture quality, but the lense size is pretty much standard on all phones, so this is definitely not a big deal. If you need a larger lens size, buy a digital camera.         One of the most important, yet often overlooked aspects of a good cellphone, is battery life. In this case, the LG Triton doesn't do too bad. It boasts around 3 1/2 hours of talk time, and around 200 hours of standby time, making it fairly energy efficient. As an added bonus, it utilizes a USB charger, allowing you to easily connect it with a computer to download music or movies, without having to spend extra money on a seperate cable.         The LG Triton comes with 300 megabytes of built-in storage, which is great for storing music and pictures. If thats not enough space, it has a MicroSD/MicroSHDC slot to add more memory. Oh, did I mention it has a built-in music/movie player? The music player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, and WMA formats. The movie player supports movies in MPEG-4 format. Besides this, it also comes with Stereo Bluetooth (2.1), and a 3.5mm headphone jack which supports standard headphones like those you would use on a portable CD-player.          All things considered, I would recommend this phone only for those that are somewhat tech-savvy when it comes to cell phones, but don't need all the bells and whistles of a smartphone. This phone also requires a certain degree of patience, as some things can be confusing or annoying to do, and the phone does crash fairly often. Don't buy this phone if you are looking for a good phone for business, or a phone with a ton of awesome features; If you need something like that I recommend looking to HTC or Blackberry. Currently, the LG Triton is only supported by U.S Cellular, and Alltel.  

La Follette, TN


The BEST touchscreen I've had & DURABLE TOO!


I have owned many different phones and I must say that this phone is BY FAR the absolute best I have had. Even though the Tritan is a touchscreen, it is a very, very durable phone. I have dropped it out of my truck onto asphalt and concrete too and not a blemish! Aside from being very durable I love the fact that the phone is touchscreen dialpad OR Qwerty keyboard entry. The phone contacts holds an amazing amount. I have over 400 contacts and plenty room for more, plus US Cellular backs my contacts up for free so if my phone ever does decide to quit on me then I won't lose them. The camera is also amazing along with the camcorder. The web browser is very functional too as opposed to some of the other ones I have used in the past. This phone is an overalll amazing phone and I love every single thing about it. One of the simple options that I love is the way I can program my contacts to have a different ringtone and different message tone too. I really can't say enough about this phone! I just love it and am very satisfied!

Mccurtain, OK


The Lg Tritan Is A Great Phone If You Want A Smartphone.


The Lg Tritan is a great phone. It has excellent phone service which is definately what you need if you want to call someone. But it doesnt take very good pictures. No matter how hard you try to fix it, it will still be dark and blurry. Other then that, its an excellent phone. It has a keyboard and it's also a touchscreen smartphone. It's kind of expensive but it is well worth it to me!

Ariton, AL


LG - Tritan Cell Phone

3.9 14