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Top-Freezer Refrigerators
LG Top-Freezer Refrigerator


This traditional refrigerator design gets refreshed with LGrsquos Exterior Styling Package which includes contoured doors hidden hinges and an available ldquoEasy Steelrdquo Finish And with an Energy Star rating this refrigerator doesnrsquot just

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We got this over one year now from a local distributor. It's space-maximized. I wish its freezer was at the bottom as the fridge compartment should be the main focal point, at eye-level, and with the easiest accessibility. Interior lighting is quite good and cool looking. Illumination could be better for the back but totally within acceptable for us. Not an issue for me personally. Noise: It's silent when their fans/compressors are not working. So a quiet fridge but do expect to hear noise Pros: a) looks good b) big, enough room for lots of food c) no frills Cons: a) LED lights are a bit dim Settings: Right now, I stick with the factory recommended ones: Freezer:3 / Fridge:3 lights. I may lower these settings down the road as ice cream is too hard... if the food freezes a lot I would lower to 5. the Fridge door is massive and occupies all the way to the near bottom, beware when you close its door as the door will ram into your feet. A lil' taller kickboard would help but then you'll lose storage volume.


LG Top Frreezer frefrigerator


The fit and finish on this refrigerator is not good. It is difficult to make sure the freezer door makes contact. There have been times when the food in the freezer melted due to this defect. The refrigerator light often did not function almost from the beginning of purchase. It was fixed under the warrantee but shortly thereafter malfunctioned again. Design See comments above.

West Milford, NJ


freezer door pops open when frig door is closed.


Closing the refrigerator door causes the freezer door to pop open slightly. My frig is a couple years old. They might have corrected this flaw in the newer models. Temperature Control Items at the back of the frig tend to freeze even when temperature is set at the recommended setting. Durability This frig is attractive looking with nice clean lines and the interior and door shelving is very sturdy. Design Items at back for frig tend to freeze.

Kitty Hawk, NC


LG Top-Freezer Fridge--DON'T buy one!


I have been very disappointed with this refrigerator. The ice maker seems to operate sporadically, and the ice bin does not seem to fit the space. When the ice falls into the bin, it knocks the bin out of place and the ice falls into the bottom of the freezer. Also, the vegetable crisper seems to cause the produce to spoil faster than any refrigerator I've ever owned. The space inside the refrigerator is poorly laid out, as well. The top shelf is too high, but to lower it would cause the second shelf to be unusable. Not pleased at all with this purchase.



LG Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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