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LG - T26ATV03 Cell Phone

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It might not be fancy,but you can always make calls


**I bought my phone over a year ago when they first came out.  They only had the grey ones when I bought mine, but I have seen blue and orange ones also.  When I first got this phone it was with Alltel, now it is Verizon.  The phone has lasted me through alot, I have dropped it multiple times and it is still working.  The only downside to this phone is that the MP3 players speaker could be just a little louder.  It take really good pictures and you can send them to your email if you would like.  You can also set the pictures as the caller ID.  Another down side is that when you look at things on the internet it isn't good quality.  You can text fast on the phone it has a slide out keyboard.**

Concord, NC


LG - T26ATV03 Cell Phone

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