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290 Sway 
LG - Sway Cell Phone

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Slim and shiny.


If you like small, slim and sliding phones this may be the phone for you especially if you like cheep. We got our free with our plan upgrade and they are getting the job done. The picture quality is above average and has the option to make a slide show to set for you wallpaper. I have to say though it has been a little laggy and i find it shut off randomly but may be because off button was pushed while in my purse. For its price I love this phone looks fancy for the price of FREE! : )

Albany, OR


My Alltel Lg phone works where others won't.


I not a gadgets person, but my children insisted I have a cell phone as each one of them left the nest. So I went to walmart and bought the cheapest one I could find that didn't have to have a contract. Now I love my phone. I don't even have a home phone anymore. I can keep in touch with my kids by text messaging when they aren't able to talk on the phone. I holds a lot of information for me. I can even leave my address book at home now because that information is listed with each contact. The calender lets me keep up with appointments and birthdays with out a seperate organizer and even reminds me of the upcoming event with an alarm. There are very few places that i lose signal, mostly remote foothill areas and when traveling in the mountains. I like having my coverage with alltel because of the ability to pick and choose the services I want. Fifteen years ago I didn't even want a pager, now, I don't go anywhere without my phone.

Seneca, SC


sleek design


I got the LG CF 360 in red as a free upgrade. It has a lot of cool features like GPS, music ID and yellow pages. This is a slider phone, which I'm not too familiar with sliders, as my other phones have been flip phones. I do like this phone eventhough it took me a little while to figure it out. It works good. So far I haven't had any problems with it. It has a nice sleek design which is nice. Fits in my pockets nicely.

Saint Francisville, LA


LG - Sway Cell Phone

3.3 3