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LG Steam Electric Dryer

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LOVE this LG Steam Dryer


I bought this LG Steam Dryer about two months ago and I LOVE it! It is the best dryer that I have ever own! I cannot believe how much energy it is saving me until I got my bill last month. It also saves time as it can handle a pretty large load. My clothes are always dry all the way through. I love the dry sensor that is built in this dryer! It adds more time if it senses that the clothes are still damp. It will stop the drying cycle if it senses that the clothes are dry. I use the Steam technology all the time on my work clothes. I don't even have to iron them because with this feature they come out neat every time. I highly recommend this dryer.


Mounds, OK


Very nice features


I got this dryer to accompany my LG high efficiency top loader - also reviewed. We did not originally purchase the dryer to go along with the washer but my washer was so much larger than my old dryer I was unable to dry full loads of laundry so we purchased this one. I love this dryer. It is big enough to handle a FULL load of laundry and always does a good job getting things dry. I love the steam feature because as a busy mom of 3 boys ages 3-7 I don't always get things out of the drier in a timely manner. So, the steam feature has been a God sent because I can throw items back in to unwrinkle them. This saves me a ton of ironing as well which is always a plus. I have been very happy with my dryer purchase and happen to love my LG washer too!


Canton, KS


the "G" in LG is for Great!


I love all the settings that this dryer has. It is amazing. Probably my favorite is the steam cycle - because it helps decrease my "to iron" pile. I also love the little jingle it plays when it is done - so I don't forget to get my clothes out. It is also SUPER quiet. I can't tell which makes less noise, the washer or the dryer. It is a great purchase. Performance especially for all my towels - gets everything super dry Ease of Use does need a pedalstool - otherwise I was sitting on the floor transferring my wash to my dryer.


Herriman, UT


The best dryer I've used.


The LG Steam Dryer does a great job of... well, drying clothes!, but it is a bit "high-tech", and thus tricky to use at first. As for its performance, it does a great job of drying clothes, and allows you to customize each load thanks to different options. This lets you dry clothes without worrying that they'll be damaged and keeps you from wasting energy by not keeping the machine on longer than it has to be. I have two main complaints: 1) The options can be tricky to figure out. There are quite a few, so if you're used to a simplistic dryer, you will have to take some time to understand which settings are best. For instance, when you have a blanket, some might choose to use the "heavy duty" option, while others might turn the knob to "cotton" or "steam". 2) The lint trap does its job, but quite a bit of lint built up below the trap in my machine over time. I was able to clean it out (carefully) with a coat hanger, but it really was inconvenient to have to get out. I would recommend that anyone who purchases this unit to get one of the "stands"/risers that raises up the machine. It will be easier to put laundry into, and also will likely make it easier to plug in the power cord and connect the dryer vent.


Saint Peter, MN


LG Simply the best


  I have the LG front loading steam dryer.  It is fantastic.  It is very efficient and so quiet that i hardly know it is running.  I love the steam cycle and the ability to have steam added to help eliminate static cling.  There is a reservoir that holds the water for the steam cycle.  There are nine basic cycles on the machine and then there are additional changes you can make like adding steam, making the clothes more/less dry etc.  There also is a drying rack that fits inside the machine for drying shoes or sweaters.  I love this dryer.  It has made my life so much easier.  The machine senses the level of moisture in the clothes and turns itself off once it senses the clothes are dry however, it will turn on again every minute to briefly tumble the clothes so they don't get all wrinkled.  I do not have the riser for this machine.  I chose not to buy it.  I put a piece of cardboard over the top of my dryer and washer and now use this area to fold my clothes.  If I would have purchased the risers they would have been too high to use this way as the tops of the machines would have been at my shoulders.


Dayton, OH


Could have paid less to dry clothes.


**LG Steam Dryer DLEX7177RM** **** Purchased over two years ago.  The steam feature was a quality that I looked forward to, hate to iron.  However, initial use of that feature left water on the floor and down the front of the machine.   Rather than a small amount of water, steam, it soaks the clothes and then dries the load again.  We kept a rag on hand to wipe up the leakage after each use. Within the first year, LG repair contractors replaced not only the door but also the entire front face of the dryer.  This took three separate contractors with no actual improvement.  We rarely use this feature anymore and have gone back to soaking a cloth and throwing it in if we need an item in a hurry, otherwise the iron comes out.  We have had no other issues, but should have purchased a machine to simply dry clothes.


Mobile, AL


LG Steam Electric Dryer

4.5 6