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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator


LG Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Freestanding Refrigerator LSSC243ST. The redesigned water dispenser is almost 13 tall - the upfront tap, and retractable pitcher rest make it easy to fill most shapes and sizes of containers with the safe and clean water you love. This air-tight crisper controls the humidity in the drawer and prolongs the life of fresh produce. LED lighting on ceiling and on the sides. LG's Side-By-Side refrigerators uniquely feature horizontally brushed lines on all Stainless Steel models presenting a brighter, more attractive finish that easily matches other stainless steel appliances. Designed to match the depth of your kitchen cabinets, so it'll fit right in!. Refrigerator: 15.8 Cu. Ft.. Freezer: 7.8 Cu. Ft.. Total: 23.5 Cu. Ft.. Electronic Display: LED (Temperature (R/F), Ice Options, Child Lock, Water Filter Indicator). Water Filtration System: LT600P. Electronic Temperature Controls: Yes. Electronic Sensors: 8. LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Yes. No. of Shelves: 3 Slide-Out. Shelf Configuration: Spill Protector Tempered Glass. Shelf Construction: Molded. Crisper Bins: 3 (1 Vacuum Sealed / 2 Humidity). Refrigerator Light: LED. Door Baskets: 4 (3 Adjustable Gallon Size). Dairy Corner: Yes. Gallon Size Baskets: Yes. No. of Shelves: 4. Shelf Construction: Spill Protector Tempered Glass. Door Bins: 3 Fixed. Drawers: 2 Plastic. Ice and Water Dispenser: Yes. Automatic Ice Maker: Yes. IcePlus: Yes. Freezer Light: LED. Foam Door Insulation: Yes. Contour Door: Yes. Toe Grille: Yes. Surface: Coated Metal, Stainless Steel. Back: Flush and Metal Cover Over Mechanical Parts. Available Colors: Stainless Steel (ST). Handles: Matching Commercial Handles. Width: 35 3/4. Depth with Handles: 31. Depth with Door: 28 1/2. Depth without Door: 24 1/4. Height to Top of Case: 68 7/8. Height to Top of Door Hinge: 70 1/4. Installation Clearance: Sides 1/8 , Top 1 , Back 1. Unit Weight: 293 Lbs.. Carton Weight: 315 Lbs.. LG Electronics pursues its 21st century vision of becomi

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Run, don't just walk away from this


Forget About Parts to Repair this! When I went to buy a new refrigerator the salesperson told me how the LG brand was the most advanced and desired brand in Europe. He advised us that Europeans had been using this brand for years and now it was available in the United States and fast becoming THE brand to buy. The design was good, the style was what I wanted and it came in the color and finish I wanted at about the same price as most of the other brands so I decided to buy it. Within a few months it began to make noises at odd hours but the noise would go away and not reappear for sometimes a few months so I did not worry too much. Then gradually the noise began to appear more often. Finally I called the warranty repair number to check it out. They came and said it was an ice build up in the rear. They unplugged and let my refrigerator compleley defrost the build up and said it was now fixed. Aftewr a few weeks the noise came back even louder than before. The next repairman said it needed a new computer board. That took 2 months to get and once again my refrigerator had to be emptied and shut off for 3 days! When the moise returned again after a few weeks I once again called in. This time it sounded like a plane was taking off in muy kitchen 24 hours a day. They scheduled another repair but could not find the problem so they oput aluminum foil over a part and said that would do it. The refirgerator then began to overheat, still making the noise and within a week the rubber gaskets in the freezer had melted! I told them to take this piece of junk out of my house and give me credit towards a new purchase, but not an LG! Noise Level Like a plane taking off Interior Organization Good compartment space Temperature Control Adjustable and easy to find Ease of Cleaning can wipe down easily Durability repair after repair Design Looks good, clean design

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LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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