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LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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LG does stand behind their product


Korean electric has become so ever popular these few years. For their looks, and usability. A couple years ago we were looking for a counter depth fridge. We love samsung products, but back then they didn't have anything with counter depth. LG become our 2nd choice. We purchased it the year Obama was inaugurated. It's been how many years? It's still working fine, with no noise whatsoever. We set the non-freezer part a bit cold so things can be kept much longer. There's a vegetable drawer with separate temperature control, so your veggie don't have to freeze to death. We have a device that can check the purity of water. Ice/ water that comes out from this fridge is very clean, and way above standard for drinking. We do have to change its filter once every year i guess. My hubby does all that work. Anyway, the veggie drawer's hook broke. Didn't affect much, but since it was broken when it was brand new, we felt like we have to complain. We were immediately sent a replacement. Their customer service is very easy to deal with.


Sunnyvale, CA


Decent South Korean made frigde


Two years ago my wife and I moved to a new home. The depth of our kitchen counter limited us to what refrigerator we can get to fit in the space. We were told we need a counter depth fridge so we went on our search. Turned out that there weren't too many choices for us. Usually the whole store would carry all normal size fridge, and only 1-2 counter depth ones available. We love everything Samsung, but back then they didn't make any counter depth fridge. The closest we could get was LG. Honestly the LG look is just so-so. We prefer Samsung design more, but like I said Samsung's fridges wouldn't fit our space. Within first week, a little hook of the bottom fridge drawer broke. It doesn't really make much different. You still can open and close the drawer no problem, but we just feel bad that something break apart so easily on first use. So we called customer service, and a replacement of a brand new drawer is sent to us very quickly. There I must give their CS credit and applaud. The little hook still broke after a couple of use, but we just let it be this time. Overall a very good fridge. Cold enough to keep things fresh for a long time. The freezer is small. We have to tilt a frozen pizza and place it at 45 degree, because it just won't fit horizontally. Other than that everything is still working fine. No noticeable noise either.  


Sunnyvale, CA


Nice refrigerator with just a few flaws


Have had this refrigerator for a year.  It keeps food very well.  The inside is very easy to keep clean.  The freezer keeps the cold very well.  Ice maker works good also.  The few negatives are.  The outside does take work to keep up with the metal front.  On the bottom by the floor there is plastic and it has already cracked.


Saginaw, MI


Easy to clean, Convenient refridgerator.


I am very happy with this refridgerator. Granted, I've only had traditional white refridgerators before and this is my first stainless steel one, but this one has shown to be great. First off, I especially love how easy it is to clean. The outside just needs a quick wipe every week to get rid of finger prints and any dirt. The inside is also easy to clean without having to take out the shelves. The shelves are clear and so that makes it easy to see what's on the bottom shelves. They also slide out halfway if you want to reach something in the back.  They are also spill proof...a great plus for a messy person like me. There is an ice maker and water dispenser; however we have yet to set that up. A great feature is that if you accidentally leave the door open (trust me it happens sometimes) then there is a beeping noise that alerts you after about a minute. It gets anoying though when you are cleaning the refridgerator and it's beeping every so often.


Staten Island, NY


LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator

4.0 4