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LG - Scarlet 42LG6000 42 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV

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High-definition device possibilities and multiple options multiple more than one device

CA - Santa Monica

Best Quality picture in a TV


The LG 42" Scarlet TV is the best HDTV!  The tru motion and lighting sensor is such an added bonus when watching this tv.  We are spoiled and can instantly tell the difference when we see someone else's tv or go to the store.  The picture is crystal-clear. Ours is connected to a surround sound system, dvd player and dvr...and it was all easy to connect.  In addition, the input/output for video game systems are a snap to connect also.  We have the Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox connected also. I have promoted this tv to friends, coworkers and anyone who asks.  We have never had a problem with it and enjoy shows from old westerns to American Idol.  Even the local news in HD is great to watch on it!  

Hampton, GA


Best TV ever.


I love my LG TV, I absolutely love this brand, it is defiantly a brand that i can trust.  Not only does the picture look great but it is large and we have never had a single problem with it.  My husband is the one that hooks everything up like the surround sound and stuff and I just use it, but I love it, I have been at friends houses where they have a TV the same size but I still like ours so much better, the picture is so much better and just the over all quality is great.  I couldn't have picked a better TV.  It fit's our needs perfectly by fitting just right above the fireplace and not being too big and bulky.  The remote that it came with is simple to use and we watching movies on it was wonderful!  I really noticed the quality from our old tv to this one when we watched our first movie on it, it was exactly what we were looking for when we were searching for tv we wanted.  If anyone is looking for a tv I would suggest a LG. 

Davenport, IA


great entertainment


The Scarlet by LG, FANTASTIC, Great television for family and entertaining. The true motion feature took some getting use to, buy now I cant watch my tv without it. it's very clear and crisp I recommend this television to anyone who is seeking a good tv to watch. if you love full screen this is the televison for you. and the color is very decorative. What more can I say for this television! LG did a great job. The remote control that comes with the televison is easy to follow. I bought the television for a great price, its digital ready you dont need a converter box. Here the good part video games look great sharp clear smooth games. The colors are rich and crisp. Blue looke great Reds are sharp and you can tell black suit from a dark blue suit. I really love my televison. "LG ROCKS". Go out and get you one.

Country Club Hills, IL


LG - Scarlet 42LG6000 42 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV

4.8 4