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LG - STA-U12WS Cell Phone Charger

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Pretty good


I first got this charger with my Samsung Galaxy Express phone charger. I love how it is detachable and it is compatible with other cords with a USB end. It's a pretty nice charger, convenient, small, and easy to place. I really like this charger. Anyone should attempt to get a similar charger.




Excellent device may show the future for chargers


A few months ago, I got an [LG Lotus cell phone][1] , which came with an LG STA-U12WS charger. I was immediately struck by an interesting feature on the STA-U12WS charger: a USB port. More about this in a moment, but another highly interesting thing about the LG STA-U12WS charger is that you can buy it on Amazon for $3.85. Yes, this charger costs less than $4 and that price includes a cable for the LG Lotus phone. **What it is** The LG STA-U12WS charger is what some people call a "wall-wart." It has a small black plastic case that plugs into a wall outlet. At one end of the STA-U12WS is a standard USB port, one into which you can plug nearly any USB cable.  The LG STA-U12WS charger can handle any power standard from 100 to 240 Volts, 50 to 60 Hz. That means it can be used anywhere in the world, as long as you can plug it in. Its output is 5.1 VDC at 0.7 Amps, which is plenty to charge or even operate the LG Lotus cell phone. **Using it** The LG STA-U12WS charger came with my LG Lotus cell phone, and the package also included the necessary USB cable. With this combination, I charge my cell phone every day. which takes only about 15 minutes. The really cool part is that I have a couple other devices that are charged through their USB ports and the LG STA-U12WS charger works perfectly well for them. These include a [Garmin GPS][2] unit and a [nice quality audio recorder from M-Audio][3] . (I use the audio recorder often to record interviews on the phone.) That means that I don't have to deal with multiple chargers and a snarl of cables -- I can use just one charger and shift cables from unit to unit as necessary. One drawback to this is that the Lotus phone has a different USB connector than the other two devices. That means that I jockey one charger and two cables, instead of three chargers and three cables -- it's still a big improvement to me. The LG STA-U12WS charger doesn't seem to get warm when it is charging a device, and that's a good thing. It just seems to do its task quietly, without otherwise drawing attention to itself. However, the LG STA-U12WS charger's inclusion of a USB port is something to shout from the rooftops, as it is a breakthrough in usability for chargers. Someday soon, lots of little electronic items will charge through their USB ports and we can use generic USB chargers instead of being raped by companies who make you pay until it hurts for such little necessities. **Summary** I like the LG STA-U12WS charger. I like its small size, its cool operation, its USB port and its low price. I also like what it says for the future of chargers. Someday soon, we will all need fewer chargers and they will cost less. That's a very good thing. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Sprint-LG-Lotus-Cell-Phone-review-0b910 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Garmin-Nuvi-680-review-4ee55 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/M-Audio-MicroTrack-II-2048-MB-Handheld-Digital-Voice-Recorder-review-b2723


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LG - STA-U12WS Cell Phone Charger

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