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LG Revolution Smartphone

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Didn't even have it a year


I purchased this phone last fall, and within a couple months, I was having texting issues. Sometimes I wouldn't receive any texts until I pulled the battery. Other times it would be sporadic and I randomly wouldn't get texts. Other times I would send messages multiple times or receive multiple copies of the same texts. I would also have texts resend days later. Sent it back and received another, same issues the day after I received the new one. I had done some research while dealing with this issue for months with my service provider, seems to be a common issue with this phone. I have New one with a different company, and I like it much better. No issues with anything and I like the setup much better than with the Revolution.

Bay City, MI


Top notch at an affordable price.


Easiest smartphone I've ever had and performs very well. With an 8 megapixel camera, I don't even have to carry my digital camera around for photos. As a realtor, just that alone has simplified my life. The navigation feature has also been a valuable tool for me Sound quality is very good. Only drawback I had at all was that if I pressed it up against my face, I'd hang up on people....I've since learned! Overall, highly satisfied. Battery Life I do have to charge the phone daily but I've got the car charger as well. Display/Screen Quality Crisp and clear. Ease of Use Easiest phone I've ever had. Didn't really need a manual to figure it out. Design Fits well in my hand. Not too big, not too small.

Portland, OR


I love my phone and glad I made the choice I did on this one.


Overall this is a really nice phone and I love it. I can't imagine going back to a basic phone after having this smartphone. It takes very good pictures and video. I love that I have a flash and a face forwarding camera on it. Battery Life The battery life isn't the greatest. Although it is a smartphone and it's prone to not lasting long, I did download an app that converses it a little longer. Display/Screen Quality The screen is clear and is easy to see even outside in the sun. Call Quality I haven't had any issues with calls being dropped or hard to hear anyone on the other end. Ease of Use It took me a little bit to get use to the phone only because it was my first smartphone, but after a short time I was able to do things i wanted and find things easily. Durability It has gotten dropped a few times, just on a soft surface not like concrete and has withstood the surface and the phone cover I have helps that. Design I like the look and feel of this phone. It looks cool and slick.

Elbow Lake, MN


LG Revolution Smartphone

3.7 3