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LG M2762D 27 in. LCD TV

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My tv monitor


I got this high definition television from 6ave.com. It is a 27 inch tv that is 1080p. I like how i can watch televsion and go on the computer. I connected this television to my graphic card with an hdmi cable. The picture quality is very clear without any video data loss. It came with a baic remote that was quite helpful. The menu and settings are very easy to access. The design of this tv is somewhat nice but ive seen some nicer ones at frys elecontronics store. The buttons on the televison are not buttons, they are just heat sensitive by just placing your finger on the button you want to select. A 27" television is great for a monitor because it isnt too big and you can place it anywhere you want whithout it taking up a lot of space. I was planning to get 32" television but i changed my mind because it look a little too big for it to be a monitor. The sound quality from the televison isnt the best because they are only 8 watts. The surround sound option for audio in the menu doesnt seem to work at all.

Sacramento, CA


LG M2762D 27 in. LCD TV

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