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LX-570 Muziq
LG LX570 Cellular Phone

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Lg musiq- great prouct for your money


My LG Rumor finally died, so a friend let me borrow her LG Musiq. Coming from a major text easy phone has been a bit of a challenge, but the features on the phone far outweigh what I may have had to sacrifice with the phone. I have been using this phone for a few weeks now, and its very easy to use and get to know. There are some really cool ON Demand features on the phone that make it very easy to look up the weather, news highlights and also movies that are playing in theaters in your area. I have enjoyed using this phone.

Patterson, NY


awesome low cost phone


i would recommend this phone to people who want  a low maintenance,yet classy and high functioning gadget! the lg muziq contains many advanced features,such as  a tv option,radio,movies,and an mp3 player. it also has the basics, like voice calling,voicemail,text and pixture messaging,and more. if you want the internet enabled on your phone, you will receive "old school" internet,and it is not as good as modern advanced or "3g" phones. however, it is good for checking basic email,.searches,news,etc. the voice calling quality if pretty good, very clear and with very few dropped calls. the muziq also has a nifty photo camera included with it,with many setting and even different color settings you can choose from! there is also a video camera option,however,the quality if not as good and videos are blurry and have poor sound quality. the phone is a little confusing at first when configuring the options and personalizing it,but it is a high quality and long lasting phone!

Osseo, MN


It was a great concept, but the phone is so slugish with mp3s


Good try LG.  I started off with the fusic and thought I was upgrading to the Musiq, only to find out that they removed the media folder feature, and force you to use the sprint music store now.  the phone also has some problems, like silencing the ringer with and exterior button never did work, as well as my blue-tooth capability just going out on it.  In all, it was a good build by LG, but sprint had to stick their nose into things by forcing the music store by downgrading this phones capabilities.  Thats corporate america for ya!

Washington, UT


LG LX570 Cellular Phone

4.0 3