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LG - LHT854 Theater System

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LG - LHT854 is a great starter system.


The LG - LHT854 is my second surround sound system.  I upgraded a 500W system to this 1000W system and am very happy I did.  The sound quality and projection is amazing, although could be better for a 1000W system.  The trouble with this system comes with the fluff and the set up. This system is really a no frills type of system.  The inputs and outputs are minimal at best and lead to some corner cutting when you're setting multiple entertainment platforms in the same room.  I use my HTPC for Blu-Rays instead of my Blu-Ray player and much of my sound is connected through my TV rather then directly through the surround sound. The set up of the physical specs is rather pain free but tweaking the speakers themselves is frustrating at best.  You have to do this through the DVD menu which is an extra hook up if you don't use the included generic DVD player, which I don't.  The settings aren't straight forward as you set the feet away each set of speakers are the center instead of just being able to adjust the volume of each.  Then instead of being able to listen to each individually you have to cycle through all of them in a slow drawn out process. Still for the price, which is starter system range, it does preform at a high level for that range and I would recommend this to people in that range as some of the other systems are straigh up garbage compared to this.

Raleigh, NC


Awesome sound for the money!


I got my LG  LHT854 theater system primarily for my Xbox 360.  I have a 42" LG TV and I wanted to have a matching theater system since I was so happy with the TV.  I am very glad that I got the matched setup.  It allows the TV and home theater system to work seamlessly with one another off one remote.  I've enjoyed the system greatly and I am often times told to 'turn it down' by my wife due to my possibly waking the neighbors!  I was going to get the Blue Ray system, but after seeing that Blue Ray systems cost way more and so do the DVD's I decided that this was the smart way to go.  I don't own many hi-def dvd's and the upconversion that the player does is awesome.  It was easy to wire up and easy to program for my room.  Now I just need to wait for my wife to leave so I can crank it again!

Simpsonville, SC


LG - LHT854 Theater System

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