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LG HBM-235 Bluetooth Headset

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Great bluetooth


This bluetooth headset is very good, it has long battery life, connect to my iphone 4 very quickly and automatically (requires the bluetooth of the iPhone be turned on first, if you have the LG HBM-235 headset turned on first, then it wont connect to the phone automatically). I had couple bluetooth headsets before and none of them connects to the iphone automatically. I have to leave the bluetooth of the iphone on all the time, hence drains the battery quickly. Also it is white LED light instead of the blue one most headset has, but it is also not good as I will always leave the headset on un-noticable. PROS:Long battery life.Quick connect.Clear and loud sound.No blue LED light flashing all the time. CONS:Size is too big compares to many other bluetooth headsets in the market.

Brooklyn, NY


It's cheap and works


For some reason every sites are dumping these bluetooth sets for pretty much free after rebate.  Maybe LG is clearing out this particular model but whatever the reason is, we the consumers are the benefactors. This particular model is very compact and more importantly very comfortable to wear. I own many bluetooth sets, and outside of the Plantronics Voyager Pro, this is probably the most comfortable headset to wear. The battery life is great and it's very easy to sync to my HTC TP2.  The only complaint is the call quality. As long as the phone is next to me, everything is nice and dandy. However, once I go downstair or even out the room, the quality drop drastically.  So my recommendation is have your phone with you at all time if you are planning to use this bluetooth headset.  Another complain would be the extremely slow response time from LG regarding the rebate process. It had been over a month and my rebate status still have not change. So if you are planning to get this for free after rebate, make sure you pay attention and check your rebate status daily...or else they may try to pull a fast one.

Houston, TX


LG HBM-235 is a great headset.


The LG HBM-235 is the first bluetooth head set I have ever owned and I am very pleased with my purchase. It has great reception and clear quality. I had problems understanding what someone was saying once but turned bluetooth off and I still had a problem hearing them, so it was just the reception. The LG is great over all. I don't use it much so I haven't gotten to test the battery life very much but it is enough for my usage. The syncing is very easy. All of my devices have picked it automatically once I set the headset up to be available for usage. The headset is also very comfy in my ear. If I had a complaint it would be that it is easy to cancel a call rather than answer it. This is probably something that will be easy to master over time, but at first it is rather frustrating. I've started answering with my phone instead of the device most of the time just to make sure I don't cancel a call.

Bloomfield, IN


LG HBM-235 Bluetooth Headset

4.7 3