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LG Gs390 Cell Phone

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LG Prime GS390 Cool phone !


Works good and is reliable sound is clear and is very responsive and fast to the touch, is lightweight and easy to hold Performance great performer for an older model phone, sound clarity is just like the clear sound on your landline phone easily fits in your purse or fanny pack with ease screen information can be made larger or smaller, a great help if you sight is not very good like mine I ususually have to wear glasses to see the small screens like I did on my previous on this one is easy because you can change the size of the type on your screen, what a nice feature, camera takes nice pictures for a 2 mega pixel, this phone also has fast response it will redial the last number for you take notes has speakerphone, microphone, calendar, notes, task to do reminders, radio, and mp3 functions Best phone for the money Phone is still continuing to function with no problems since purchasing it in December of 2013 Voice Quality superb voice quality as good as a landline phone and maybe better than some of those brands for clarity I recommend LG phones for their outstanding voice clarity, this feature is one reason I keep returning to LG phones for their voice quality, I can not tell if I am on my landline phone or wireless phone with this phone so very clear. Battery Life battery life is good but not the best I find that I have to recharge this phone more often than I had to recharge my last LG300 phone but I guess for the size and all the options it has and task it does it is good I really am not complaining about this phone before purchasing this phone I was skeptical of it's battery life but it has surpassed my expectations, I charge this phone about once aweek. Durability durable built strong as are all LG phones which have a good reputation. Love the durability of LG phones and can testify that they last a long time, my previous one is five years old and still performing well I expect this model will do just as well, not much plastic in this phone and the screen is feels hard not flimsy seems like it will not crack very easy if dropped Ease of Use Very easy to use and hold, lightweight some functions when just learning are a little difficult to grasp once you have learned the steps it is very easy to work, some of the phone functions I was able to teach myself without using the manual which explains it is user friendly just by being able to do those few without reading manual how to actually the manual does not give you very much information, you really have to learn by using this phone and experimenting with all the functions, the manual just gives you a few basic steps to start you off when first using this phone, if you are a first time user and not very technologically minded then you are best suited to have someone take you through the steps of setting up your phone or have them set it up for you, the carrier have techs to help you set it up if you desire. Design love the bar shape this shape is easy to use and is a breeze when needing the phone quickly, no sliders or opening clam type phones to slow you down, it is also a light weight phone which makes this design easy to use this phone is about the size of a hershey candy bar.

Rosamond, CA


LG Gs390 Cell Phone

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