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LG - Glide Cell Phone

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ok... but not that great


loved using the phone for txting but after a while it became a nightmare to touch the screen. I had to change the cell phone 6 times thanks to repeating screen malfunctions. Try calling home and end up calling the contact number below it or way above it. It got annoying to deal with the phone, its not a great phone to put in your pocket either.

Bloomington, CA


The LG Glide Cell Phone from Verizon makes texting a breeze!


The LG Glide Cell Phone from Verizon is a great and easy to use phone.  I absolutely love the two screen feature.  The top screen is a touch-screen, and the phone has a feature that allows you to customize the touch according to your liking.  Then you can flip up the top screen to reveal another screen, plus a full keyboard underneath.  I love the full keyboard, and it is in QWERTY format to allow you to text like typing on a keyboard.  The keyboard on the LG Glide makes texting and surfing the web super easy!  The phone itself was very easy for me to figure out.  All of the basic functions, such as texting, calling, calculator, notepad, contacts, mobile internet, ringtones, and backgrounds, were really easy to find and customize according to your individual style.  However, the only issue I have with the phone is that it isn't very durable.  Unfortunately, I accidently dropped my phone and the top screen is now broken and not functioning.  I feel like too much energy was put into the feature of the phone, and the durability was slightly neglected.

Lancaster, PA


It's like carrying a computer everywhere you go


The LG Glide Cell phone is great for texting and going through the Internets. It's also helpful because it's a touchscreen as well, so for all you touch screen lovers, it's a keeper. This cell phone has all kinds of features, such as music, camera, Internets, navigation and so much more. If you buy this product, I guarantee you that you'll love it just as I do.

San Francisco, CA


LG - Glide Cell Phone

4.0 3