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LG Gas Dryer

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My LG gas dryer can handle large loads.


I really have liked my LG dryer a lot. It can hold nice big loads and does a fairly good job drying them. It doesn't get them dry as quickly as I'd like and you want to make sure you don't really stuff it full - it can handle big loads but if you overload it, it will take forever for your clothes to dry. Mine is quite a number of years old and I think that it doesn't dry as well as it did at first. It could just be my imagination, but the washer and dryer were advertised as being able to get done at roughly the same time and mine certainly does not anymore. I had to have one dryer drum replace because it went flat, my husband had to do some repair to the bearings because it started squeaking like crazy (thanks for the tips youtube!) and I think the drum is going flat again. I've had it for about 8 years. So, I wish that it had held up a bit better - they cost a lot! I would say make sure to buy the extended warranty because we did and used it several times for the washer and dryer. Overall, a good product.

Goshen, IN


The LG DLG2302 gas dryer is amazing!


I really enjoy the LG DLG2302 gas dryer. It has exceeded all expectations. I don't know if there is anything I don't like about this dryer. I really like all of the many different settings on the dryer. I like that you can customize it just the way you want it. I like the speed dry. It only takes 20 minutes to dry the clothes instead of 35-50 on the other settings. I like the different heat settings. I like the drying rack that comes with it. I also like the size. It's a really good size, and I can fit a lot in there. My 1 1/2 year old daughter enjoys helping me with laundry because she gets to push the buttons and turn the dial. It's nice that this is something that makes her excited to help with laundry. The lint trap is located conveniently in the front when you open the dryer door. It's easy to clean. I also really like that it plays music when it's done. My daughter loves that, too. An all around great buy!

San Diego, CA


LG Gas Dryer

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