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LG Gas Dryer

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Have had this dryer for 22 months and would not advise anyone to purchase this model.  Dryer takes excessive time to dry normal size loads.  Large items take much much longer. Clothes come out twisted and wrinkled, but good thing I can put the steam cycle on afterwards to help remove the wrinkles.  Only another 39 minute cycle! My dryer as of last week started vibrating and sounds like a mack truck.  Boy, wish I had my simple dryer back!

Canfield, OH


Loving our LG Steam Dryer!!


My husband and I got our LG Steam Dryer about a week or two after having our first baby! We absolutely are THRILLED with it! The features are great! It's easy to operate! Gets things good and dry in a reasonable amount of time while at the same time being gentle on our clothes. We love the steaming feature! AND use the SteamFresh feature regularly! It is so nice to be able to throw in a few wrinkly items and 20 minutes later the are fresh and look great!!! We love the little jingle that plays when a load is finished! It's like the dryer says, "Hello, dear!!! Your laundry is clean and fresh for you! Come and get it at your convenience!" rather than the buzzer kind which says, "HEY YOU!!! I'm DONE! :-P" :-D We chose not to ge the pedestals for 2 reasons: 1. EXPENSIVE 2. Without them, I can use the tops of the washer and dryer as a work surface! Glad we didn't invest in the pedestals. Great product! Highly recommended! :)

Big Sandy, TX


Kiss your drycleaner good bye!


Tired of paying for your drycleaning bills?  I could not believe the amount that we were spending a year at the drycleaners.  My husband and I have figured out that in the course of a year we will have saved enough money on our drycleaning bills to pay for the dryer!  That being said I love even more the fact that using our LG Steam dryer is so much safer for the environment.  I really feel that we are doing our part for the planet as well as saving money.  No more stacks of clothing waiting to go to the drycleaners either.  Now when we have a load we simply pop them in the dryer and in no time they are ready to wear.  So much easier and we can have our clothing ready to wear when ever we want it!  I was nervous at first about using the steam function for my dryclean only garments but it does a beautiful job and I have yet to find anything that it can't clean safely.  The dryer has a large capacity and can even clean my comforters with ease.  My husband and I both suffer from allergies and have been breathing better now that I can clean our feather pillows and bedding when ever I want.  I love throwing my silk toss pillows in the dryer and knowing they will come out clean and looking as good as the day I bought them.  Having this dryer really opens up the possibilities of what items you can clean at home rather than having to take them to a professional. One word of caution though...you may find yourself having so much fun with it that you offer to clean things for your friends and neighbors!  I would and do highly recommend this dryer!

Thousand Oaks, CA


LG Gas Dryer

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