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Front Load Washers
LG Front Load Washer

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Very disappointing.


I bought this washing machine with high expectations as I'd first used a front loader while in England (Zanussi) and old dirty gray socks came out like new. Well, I expected far too much from this machine. Whites are dingy, forget about clean white socks. Even lightly soiled items don't look clean and even simple stains are still there after a wash. The problem I feel is with the ultra low water level used in washing. Yes, I use HE detergent and it makes no difference. There isn't enough water to splash up on the window of the door and bits of pet hair, fuzz, etc are never fully rinsed out. I have to use a paper towel to wipe the inside of the window. Yes, the machine is a water miser and it will probably save you money with water bills. Yes, it has lots of settings that you can use for different loads but in the end, clothes don't come as clean as they should. I'm not talking about heavily soiled clothing, just average everyday spots and stains. I've had this machine for 3 years now and am considering biting the bullet and purchasing a new one. Definitely NOT an LG and probably not a front loader. I did call their service department to tell them about the problem but they assured me the machine was working just fine. Hopeless.




Great washer!


Cleans well and has lots of selections to customize your load. The front load lets you wash MORE items or large items to your load. Holds my queen comforter with no problem. Love the stain cycle on the hubs dirty work shirts. Seems to be very well made. Have had no problems at all with it! Great machine! Ease of Use All the settings take a little time to figure out Design Wish the door were reverisible!


Carmine, TX


yeah, no thanks


I don't know what these people are so satisfied with but I had my lg three years and it sucks. It has never worked properly first off it's small so you have to constantly do load after load second your stuck with HE brand products which is tide and 2 others and neither one of them smell clean i think HE means more water less detergent everyone who i know that has an HE complains about it not being able to clean very well and smelling funky so needless to say im trashing a brand new washer to buy an old school one that can wash clothes take my advise please do not buy any HE machines there a scam Energy Efficiency Does'nt really make a difference Cleaning Time Hour, hour and a half easy Performance clothes never smell clean ever it is a washing machine its suppose to clean Design Who cares its not a centerpiece in your living room only you see it Durability I guess im getting rid of it


Houston, TX


LG Front Load Washer WM2010C is Amazing


Like the title says, the **LG Front Load Washer WM2010C is amazing. **This washer is the top of the line, energy efficient, and it saves water too. For my old washers, I would have to do maybe two or three loads seperately. With the **LG Front Load Washer WM2010C **I can do it all at once! The great thing about the washer is that you can use less detergent for larger loads. Now, don't be going and putting your load in all at once because you do not want to snap something. You also need to make sure you maintain it so it doesnt get moldy or musky. The washer has many options and is very customizable. It fits perfectly into any laundry room and locks its door when in use. It is perfect for prevent kids from messing with it when it is in use since the panel is higher up. I highly reccomend this product.


Warrenton, VA


My LG is my BFF!


I love my LG Front Load Washer! We purchased this about 6months ago when our eight year old washer finally died. Being a mom of three you can imagine how many loads of laundry I wash a week. It is crazy. This washer is great! It requires less water, less soap to wash the clothes and less energy. Which equals less money spent. It is very quiet. I have never had an issue with it not spinning if the load was too heavy, nor has it jumped during the spin cycle for me. The kids get a kick out of watching the clothes was in the washing machine. I also leave the door open after I do laundry to prevent the musty smell. The room inside the washer is large, it holds a good amount of clothes. You can also customize the settings.


Selkirk, NY


LG Front Load Washer is not that impressive


A front-load washer seemed like an improvement from an efficiency standpoint, and they generally have electronic controls that appear to give you more options, but the performance remains rather lackluster. It certainly must use less water, since it doesn't seem to use much at all, and you save on laundry detergent, though you are supposed to buy the HE type, but the clothes don't come out very clean. Turning it on the LG pulses the water, turns one way, turns the other, pauses for several seconds, adds a little more water, which gives you the impression of a laborious cleaning cycle, but nothing is really happening. Supposedly it determines water level and wash time by weighing the load size, but no matter what you add it takes 55 minutes for the normal settings. In the end your clothes will probably come out a little less clean than a top loader. I bought this with a state credit, but it's really not worth more than a top-loader.


North Adams, MA


Saves money on water.


We've been using these washers for about a year or so. Some of the great things that you might want to take note is that this unit is much smaller compared to a lot of other washers out there. On top of that, it's a stacker unit, meaning you can stack a dryer on top of it so it definitely saves space if that's something of an issue in your space. I've also noticed that this washer is quiet compared to many others. It uses a specific type of detergent but the only reason why it is necessary is because this washer uses LESS water than the average washer. This is a big bonus considering water bills can get pretty hefty especially with a washer. LG gives a one year warranty which you should use to your advantage. I've noticed that there were frequent but minor issues with the washer over time. The only thing I dislike about the dryer is that it is really expensive.


Brooklyn, NY


Load Washer does its job


My washing machine broke so for the past few months I've been doing my laundry at my aunt's house. She has a LG Front Load Washer WM2010C and its gets the job done. I've had no problems as long as I've used the thing. Dump the clothes in, add the detergent, listen to Ipod until it's done. When I first tried to use it, I learned the hard way that it doesn't work if the load is too heavy. But by too heavy, I'm talking ridiculously heavy. It can handly a decent sized load and still work, just don't overload this bad boy, that's all. So would I recommend this? I guess. There's nothing wrong with it really. Let's be honest here, as long as it gets the job done, who cares how old it is or what the brand is? I heard this thing uses less water so I guess that's something to consider if you like the enviroment.


Brick, NJ


Love it


Washing clothes can be such a pain and something that has to be done but is disliked by most of us. If you get a bad washer you are stuck with something really bad that will give you disappointing results and just be horrible for you. That's why I was extra cautious while buying a washer and did a lot of research before buying one. I ended up choosing the Lg front loading washer. It is pretty amazing. It's got great reliability because it is a LG product they are very well known for the good service they provide so incase you ever end up having a problem you know they will help you find a solution. It surely saves on your water bill because it uses a lot less water than other machines out there. I am very pleased with it.


Indianapolis, IN


Beats going to the washer and dryer!


So first off, I used to use the washer and dryer. It was a little expensive but I had no choice. However, back home (which I come back once in a while), my mom bought this LG washing machine. Now whenever I visit home, I use this thing. It's a great alternative to the little washer joint near my appartment. It's got lots of settings so my laundry comes out perfect. It also has quite a large load and from what my mom says, the water bill doesn't come in too much more expensive than before. She complains about how it can't handle too much of a load either but if you don't put too much at a time, I guess it won't be a problem if you're willing to do a couple of washing runs. Personally I like this more than going to the washer and dryer and the machine isn't too expensive so I recommend buying it!


Pomona, CA


LG Front Load Washer

4.5 42