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Front Load Washers
LG Front Load Washer

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Loving our LG Steam Washer!!!


My husband chose this washer for us! We got it about a week or so after our first-born baby arrived! We LOVE IT!!!!! This LG steam washer does an excellent job on our clothes. I love that it is front-loading and has no agitator! Super gentle on our clothing - and yet the machine has features  - such as steaming and sanitizing that go the extra mile in getting our things in tip top shape!!! I ASOLUTELY LOVE the little jingle that plays when a load is finished!!!! It's like the washer says "Oh, Sarah, dear! Your sparkly fresh laundry is clean whenever you are ready for it! And have a lovely day!" - rather than the typical buzzer that says, "HEY YOU! I'm DONE! COME GET ME OR ELSE!!!" :-D I actually had a Bounty paper towel go through our LG washer AND dryer! The paper towel came out GREAT!!! Like we could have used it again!!! Talk about gentle while doing the job!!!! Excellent product! Highly recommended!

Big Sandy, TX


Steam fresh the wrinkles away!


This is a great dryer with every feature you could imagine, But still easy to use. It does a great job of drying and even tells you how much time is left on the cycle and also tells you how much energy per use. Another great feature is the steam cycle which is great for drying those ironables. No more trips to the drycleaner! Got to refreshen something to wear? just add water to the water tray turn on the steam option and bam fresh clothes!This dryer does it all! Also has a great tray for those sweaters. Love the fact it has a buit in sensor to tell weather or not the clothes are dry. The only thing that i did not like is the door. Yes it is change able to open to the other side but the washer could not be changed so we had to reroute the washer to where the dryer was before. Great energy saver!

Pawleys Island, SC


LG Front Load Washer

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