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Front Load Washers
LG Front Load Washer

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This LG front load washer just fits my laundry needs.


Our LG **WM1814CW, **not WM1812CW asa above,** **has served us very well in the two years we have had it. It id my first front loader, cleans large loads to my standards, operates quietly, and has all the wash options I desire. I would recommend it to anyone looking for front loading machine. The filter for the pump that catches and allows me to retrieve small items like rings or coins forgotten in pockets, which obviously protects the motor as well, is only available from LG, as far as I know. I have only needed service on this machine once for minor adjustment that was covered under warranty.  I would recommend this machine anytime, and you can find them at your local Home Depot.

Browns Mills, NJ


Very Quiet Efficient Washer


The LG WM1812CW is the first front load washer that I have ever owned, or even used.  I am amazed at how quiet it is when running.  The clothes are all clean, and I love the fact that there is no agitator in the middle to get the clothes twisted.  Downside would be that it seems to take a lot longer to run a load of laundry through this machine than my previous machine, but the clothes are much drier when they do come out, so the dryer (which burns a LOT of electricity) runs a lot less.  Recently there seemed to be a moldy smell coming from the washer.  I researched that problem online and found that it seems to be common in front loaders.  I ran a load without anything in the machine, and left the door open all night to let it dry out, and the smell is gone.  Now, I wash during the day, and leave the washer door open at night to let it dry out completely. I especially like the very cheerful tune played at the end of the wash cycle :o)

Crawfordville, FL


LG Front Load Washer

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