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Front Load Washers
LG Front Load Washer

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Never again will I purchase anything LG!


The smell from leaving clothes in one or two hours permeated both my utility room and my kitchen. Glass door collects dust and pet hairs leaving an unsightly wet wad around the inside. Gloppy and gooey grey crud collects inside and under the rubber seal ring and cannot be removed. Attempts to clean by running through two hot water and heavy bleach cycles to no avail. The control panel and service door have rusted all around becoming very unsightly. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG APPLIANCE NO MATTER HOW LOW THE COST AND HIGH THE GUARANTEE.

Midwest IL and MO


not the best at getting clothes clean


Yes, front load washers have a certain cool factor.  They are modern and have big price tags, so if you have one you are in the club.  They do look nice, but there are several drawbacks.  One, they use less water.  Between my husband and my teenage boys I have to wash every single load twice.  It make look clean, but do a sniff test.  If you want the odor out as well, double washing is a must.  Where's the water savings in that?  I use the specially made detergent with a bit of good old fashioned Borax for the cleanest loads, and I do use the double rinse cycle.  If you don't get anything dirty, this is the washer for you.  If, on the other hand, you have a cat, a dog, kids, and a messy spouse, you need a washer that uses water.  I feel like my old tub washer got clothes cleaner just after a nice long pre-soak.  I miss it and wish I stilll had it.  Also, if you don't buy the pedestals, plan on the old up and down up and down - gets old fast.

Tucson, AZ


LG Washer Front Loader, Works For Me!


OK, I've read the other reviews about the LG WM1814CW and would like to add my 2 cents: - Cleans my clothes really well - Saves on water, which is a good thing for the environment - Hand washable cycle, yea!  No more clothes soaking in my sink. - Error code functions, yes, I have had the 1E error which indicated my filter was clogged, which also made me realise that there was a problem with my well - Front loader, why did they stop making them so many years ago? - Easy to use - Uses HE detergent--I need less of this than regular detergent and HE's are now better priced than when they first came out. The only 2 downsides for me: - Prewash option requires the use of Powdered detergent in the Main Wash Compartment--if liquid is used in the Main Wash with the prewash option selected, the liquid from the Main Wash will drain into the washer drum as it is added.  So, I need to have a box of powdered detergent on hand.  Not a big deal, but it is another item that I will need to find a place on my shelves. - I did not get the riser stands for this LG washer (additional cost), which means that I have to kneel on the floor to get my clothes out.  Funny, my husband did not think it was a big deal, but then, he doesn't do the laundry. So, that is it.  I like my LG Front Loader washing machine and have not had any problems.

Oak Ridge, NC


wm1814cw high expectations, sorely disapointed.


I have owned this model WM for about 1 1/2 years. Prior to that I owned a Kenmore WM which lasted over 22 years. In the last two weeks I have had the same error message appear on the screen (OE). after following the instructions in the manual, the same message keeps coming up. each time I have to manually drain the water in the machine. I called the 800 number only to be informed that there is nothing else that can be done except call a repairman to come and look at the machine, at my cost. I asked to speak to a tecnician, someone who could talk me through a solution and was informed that technicians only talk to approved repair people. It's bad enough that the WM won't work but I am left with no choice but to call a repair person and incurr that expense. At least when I owned the Kenmore, I was able to speak to a technician, which if I chose to, I could repair myself. This is my first purchase of an LG product and frankly LIFE IS NOT SO GOOD with LG.

Miami, FL


This LG rocks!


I love this LG front load washer, it really gets the stains out of my laundry big time. My daughter is a slob and I could never get out the stains. Now I have no worries and I spend less on clothing.  This holds a lot of laundry so I spend less time doing laundry.  Never thought I would love my washer so much but I do.

Auburn, MA


My first front load washer and I love it


I have owned this LG front load washer model  wm1814cw for about a year and half and I still love it. I never realized just how much water I was wasting before with my top load washer until I bought this front load washer, talk about a shock. This LG front load washer really gets my laundry much cleaner and really works well getting the excess water out of the clothes, that the time in the dryer is cut back. So I spend less time doing laundry and have more time to do things I want to do.

Lebanon, OR


LG Front Load Washer

3.2 6