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LG Front Load SteamWasher

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This LG Steam Washer brings new life to all your laundry.


My favorite features on this machine are the steam options which are Clearly marked on the main dial. Steam option may be chosen on most all cycles except delicate. The best part of washing with steam in this washer is the natural removal of many stains and how much body and fluffiness all the materials come out looking each and every time. The only negative part of using steam is the additional time it takes when you choose to use the steam option on a cycle. It is definitely worth the wait if you have the time to see the quality of your clothes after using the steam option since it removes many wrinkles from all different materials. All the cycles remove pet hair well. Energy Efficiency This washer has excellent energy efficiency even when using the steam option cycles. Since buying this LG steam washer I have found myself using the STEAM option on all my loads and different cycles except for delicate and short cycles. Cleaning Time When using the steam option depending on the cycle it is about 1-2 hours. The only time I am not using steam is when using the delicate cycle and when I need to run a short cycle about 20 min. Performance Terrific Ease of Use Great, has a memory button so you can set your option choices for each cycle. When ready to wash just turn the large dial on front which is clearly marked and your chosen memory choices will automatically be set. Design designed to use very little water even when using the steam option and it Really is Efficient on water. I love that the water does not pool up in the drum after use, it drains out and I can just leave the front door ajar and it dries. I have had NO problems with any mildew smell or slime at all. I love the strainer that traps hair, lint, cotton fibers it is located on the front left near the bottom of the washer. I clean it out once a month and have never had any problems with my wall drain getting lint or clogged like my other washers always did. Durability Great as I have not had any problems with the washer since buying it new.



A great washing machine - highly recommended.


I really like this washing machine. It makes me feel like my clothes are really getting cleaned, and that I'm saving water and money in the process. Unfortunately, with so many options to choose from, it's tough to know which one to pick in certain situations. This can take some getting used to, so keep the instruction manual handy. Personally, I tend to rely on the steam option a lot, and it works nicely for things like socks and underwear, blankets and sheets, etc. It makes me feel that they're getting cleaned, and not just wet. In my opinion, it has some nice elements, such as a handy pull-out detergent drawer with separate areas for different washing aids, a sturdy design, and a door design that leaves the door partially open when empty, so it doesn't get smelly inside the tub when not in use for a while. I would definitely recommend that anyone who gets this machine gets a "riser" (sorry, I can't think of what those stands are called!). It's easier to plug in to the necessary pipes, etc., and is easier on your back because you don't have to bend so much. One thing to keep in mind is beware of overloading. I thought because the design was so durable looking that it could take on a lot, but a couple times I did overfill it and that caused some problems, such as the clothes coming out too damp or the machine being a little loud.

Saint Peter, MN


Lg Steam Washer is great for freshening up clothes


This washer is about 3 years old. While I have not had to repair it, it does have some issues. The spin cycle vibrates a lot and becomes unbalanced easily. In addition to this the front of the washer tends to get a small amount of water leakage. When the repair man came out he said it is caused by hair or lint getting by the seal and it allows some water to leak out. He said to wipe it after each wash, which I find annoying. Were not talking about hunks of hair and lint, any little bit can cause it. He said it's normal with this machine. With that said I love the steam wash cycle. It is great to freshen up clothing that has been in the closet for a season or to remove wrinkles. It won't replace your dry cleaner, but it does help in between. Overall it cleans well and is water efficient. While I love the steam wash option, I will look for aother brand when it comes time to replace this. The 2 issues I mentioned above are too much of a detractor for me to think of replacing with another LG.

Schererville, IN


LG Front Load SteamWasher

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