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LG Front Load All-in-One Washer/Dryer Combo

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This doesn't even deserve 1 star but they made me put a 1 in.


I purchased this a few years ago, well knowing that it is a time consuming process.  However, with my kids grown and gone this was not really an issue.  However, I cannot keep it running.  I have been without the machine more than I have with it.  And that gets me started on LG's customer service . . . or should I say the lack there of.  Unfortunately, this has soured me on ALL and I MEAN ALL LG products!  I wouldn't take one if they gave it to me!!!!


Bloomfield, IA


All in one front loading washer dryer that takes 3 hours to work


My husband and I have considered a front loader washer and dryer and done a little research.  However, it isn't essential that we purchase one right away so we can take our time and look around.  Recently while vacationing we were able to spend some time with the **LG WD-3243RHD Front Load All-in-One Washer / Drye**r because let's face it, but the time I back all the toys to keep the kids busy there is no room for clothes and I always use the washing machines at the resorts where we stay.  In this case, big mistake! **What I like about the LG WD-3243RHD Front Load All-in-One Washer / Dryer:** - it was there  - it is energy efficient  - front loading is attractive  - it is small - so COULD be good for apartment or condo unit  - LCD screen  - easy to program functions  - only a small amount of detergent is needed  - it dries for me no need to remember to move the clothes - oh yeah gotta go do that after I finish this review! **What don't I like about the LG WD-3243RHD Front Load All-in-One Washer / Dryer**?  - it is too small you can barely get a handful of clothes in there   - it takes 3 hours or more to go through the whole cycle of washing and drying just one load of clothes  - the dispenser compartments are confusing  - it is nosy  - clothing were wrinkled and some were still wet  - couldn't figure out the whole time I used it how to use dryer only  I think that a 3 hour washing and drying time for just one very small load of clothes says it all don't you?  Not to mention the banging and nose that came from the machine with water running, the washing, the spinning and the drying.  I don't know how the kids napped through it.  The **LG WD-3243RHD Front Load All-in-One Washer / Drye**r is a great concept that leaves a whole lot in the execution to be desired.   


Houston, TX


LG Front Load All-in-One Washer/Dryer Combo

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