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LG French Door Refrigerator LFX23961SB LFX23961SW

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Ice gets stuck sometimes but Love everything else!


We bought our LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator as an open box deal at Best Buy. It had a few dings but it cost so much less than a new one that we got it!!! We came from living in apartments where they only had the older fridges with the normal lower fridge area and upper freezer area so we are definitely loving the Side-by-Side doors!! They are wonderful! At first we set the temperature too cold but it was very easy to adjust! We didn't have the manual which was not helpful because we couldn't figure out how to turn it on but we were able to find the manual online.  I really like how the freezer door has storage that are easy to get to and my husband really enjoys the area for the soda in the fridge section.  I feel like there is so much more space in this fridge! It is also energy efficient which we are loving on our electric bill.  All in all a great fridge! Just don't use Crushed ice too much!


Chico, CA


my LG refridgerator is very pretty looking


first of all, i decided to buy this LG refridgerator because, it's appearence was very atractive.  outside of the refridgerator is all stainless steel and it have led light display panel on the door. when i open the door of refridrerater, the blue neon light is on and it look so cool.  i think compare to my old refridgerator it saves more energy. and it have enough storage space  for all different kind of food and stuffs. the draws in the freezer are very conveniently useful and it is easy to adjust the shelf in refridgerator for big bottles or containers. also the side space on the door's of refridgerator is very useful too. i can put lots of small stuffs in there like ketchup, dressing, warter bottle and etc. i am kind of happy with this LG refridgerator. except, sometime ice is stuck in the dispencer, so i had to put little bit of hot water to melting it. other than that i like thid product.


Portland, OR


Horrible Service


The ice maker leaks and does not work. It displays Er 1F, so this is not an unknown error. We are in our 6th month of trying to get it fixed or replaced. Horrible experience with LG "service". The first service company was inept, the second was at least polite. Both got in a "parts" loop where the wrong part or incomplete parts have been sent. Both have quit the problem and referred us back to LG service. The ASC Admin Account Representative for MA and PA promised us quick resolution. We did not hear back from her and after more email, we eventually got this note: "for this you need to contact customer service. I deal directly with service centers only and their account issues. The number for customer service is 800-243-0000". Right back in the 800 number loop!!! Horrible company to deal with!!


Canton, MA


LG French Door Refrigerator LFX23961SB LFX23961SW

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