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French Door Refrigerators
LG French Door Refrigerator LFC20760ST LFC20760SW

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Great Refrigerator at a Reasonable Price


This is my first LG Refrigerator, there quality name is definitely well deserved. The design and layout work well, the pull-out and push-in shelves add flexibility for large and small items. No space is wasted, there are even little tiny shelves at the bottom of the door great for hiding drinks and goodies. When it come time to clean under and behind the unit, the wheels are smooth and it slides in and out like a dream.

San Marcos TX


Not for families with children


This refrigerator is large enough for a big family but unfortunately the plastic drawer fronts and plastic around the glass bottom do not take any abuse or use from children or careless adults. Noise Level Very quite refrigerator, I never hear it running and when it does it is stable, no chattering, no shaking. Quite unnoticeable. Interior Organization I loved the space on this refrigerator. I love that the freezer is on the bottom. Not only is the freezer really large with a pull out shelf for ice cream or to keep your bread from getting squished but because of the placement I never loose food in the refrigerator portion. I also love that frozen food doesn't come sliding out when your looking for something. It is also frost free, so no build up of snow which makes for easy cleaning. No bending to find refrigerated food and because of this, very little food goes unseen and becomes mystery food. Temperature Control I love the control system for the temperature for both the refrigerator and the freezer. It stays consistent and you can change with the push of a button. Ease of Cleaning All the parts clean up very well. All the parts also come out of the refrigerator with ease for cleaning and go back in place easily also. Durability This is my only complaint about the refrigerator. The drawer fronts are made of plastic and the ability to break them and snap the smaller clear portion is very easy. We have replaced all the drawer fronts because of breakage. We have also had to replace the plastic piece that holds the glass bottom shelf because of breakage. I also have had to replace the entire plastic piece that houses the "brain" and controls because the light stayed on and melted the entire housing. I could not get a repairman from LG to come out (we live in Alaska) so I ordered the part myself and replaced it. It worked for a week and stayed on again. We just use a dark refrigerator now. Design Love the design, easy to get in and out of. Heavy doors that stay closed and overall it is a very attractive refrigerator.



Enery Star rated--Very Quiet!!


This LG refrigerator is nice with the the freezer on the bottom and refrigerator on top.  It save  stuff from getting "lost" on the bottom shelf in the back.  It also saves you back because everything is at eye level.    Having the French Door on this refrigerator allow the doors to open nice and wide.  The freezer is nice and large and  has a pull out shelf for smaller thing.  The ice maker (which is included) make ice very fast.  The only down thing that I have found is that the French door don't close properly on their own.  You have to consciencely close them.  But it have a series of beeps it the door are open for a few minutes to remind you that the door are not closed and you get used to closing them properly.  So it really isn't a problem once you get used to it.  It also has two separate controls for the refrigerator and freezer.  It is Energy Star rated and very quiet!! Noise Level It tend to make pooping noiises. Also very loud ice maker Interior Organization It looks big inside but isn't. Does however have big produce drawers. The meat & cheese drawer has a big opening in the back of it so things tend to slide out! Temperature Control Seems to hold temp well except it is hard to get stuff out without opening both doors so then tou have a big loss of temperature. Ease of Cleaning It cleans up OK Durability No repairs needed yet.

Buffalo Grove, IL


This LG French Door Refrigerator is perfect for a tight space!


I knew I wanted a French Door refrigerator when I started shopping around, but I had only seen wide french door refrigerators in the stores and I had a narrow space to put it in. Fortunately, LG was aware of this requirement and stepped in the fill this hole in the refrigerator market. I went with the black model as my recently replaced stove was purchased in black. I find that white shows too many stains and stainless steel shows too many fingerprints. Both the glass shelves and the in-door shelves are easily adjustable, which comes in handy when oversized containers are brought home. The crisper drawers have plenty of room and the humidty controls provides you the choice of air control for each drawer separately.  The bottom drawer freezer is really nice. I have a separate stand-alone freezer for my meats and other long-term storage items, so this freezer is used mainly for ice making and storage of frequently used and short-term items. The separate basket and drawer makes it easy to separate and quickly access my freezer items. The quick-freeze option on the freezer activates for 24 hours and speeds ice production, which is handy when I know I'm having a dinner party. The most beneficial and yet, most annoying feature of the refrigerator is the energy-saver beep. If the refrigerator is open for more than one minute, a chime will ding to alert you to the open door. This was extremely helpful when my mom came to visit, because she couldn't seem to close the refrigerator door when she was finished, to the sound would let us know that the door was still open. It's annoying when you are putting away groceries and the process takes more than a minute. Overall, though, I love the feature.  

Key West, FL


not as great as advertised


i thought this refrigerator would be the answer to my dream a freezer in the bottom with easy access to food with out having to move everything out of the way to get what you want and it was at least the freezer part was the top refrigerator wasn"t there is so many bins but no shelf space after a holiday meal there is always lots of left overs i had no room for them and ending up having to throw most of it away it would of been perfect if they would of gotten rid of at least one of the bins i thought i could adjust them but can't so i am really disappointed in my dream fridge i wish i would of looked passed the freezer and realized that the fridge part just was not worth it

Barnesville, OH




i am a very compartmental and organized person and i love to have things in certain spots. i love how the fridge has two doors and lots of shelves and different compartments to place things in. it has made my life soooo much easier especially trying to organize and keep the fridge clean. the fridge has more room than you think and it isnt very loud either. i have two in my home and they are both great. i get to organize one with all snacks and drinks and another one with all my cooking ingredients. this multi compartmental fridge is one of hte best things ever. i have a small fridge in my bedroom too and i wish they made this in a mini size so it would fit in my closet! the fridge is great for kids too. when i have family over, the kids know exactly where to reach and it is easy to tell them where to look for certain items. the set up is a bit different from the traditional fridges so it may take a bit to get used to but i love it.

Jersey City, NJ


LG French Door Refrigerator LFC20760ST LFC20760SW

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