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LG French Door Refrigerator

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Best Fridge Ever!!!!


We have the LG LFC23760 in white and we LOVE it!  It is smart enough to know when you open the door and will disengage the fan if it is running to prevent all of that cold air from blowing out.  Our energy bills have decreased since trading our 80's fridge for this one (Thanks energy star!).  We love the layout and all the room in the door.  The doors can handle more weight than the early french door fridges.  We load it up with gallons of milk and condiments and soda and we have had no squeaking or sagging.  It is so easy to wipe clean.  The shelves are easy to adjust and remove but never come out on thier own.  The freezer layout is absolutely amazing.  The wire drawer within the drawer is the perfect place for use to keep all of our frozen pizzas that we sometimes buy by the dozen.  We have not used the ice maker yet.  The freezer drawer opens and closes smoothly.  The only thing I don't like is that if you open both door and shut them at exactly the same time, it won't close all the way.  I'm sure this is something to do with the incredibly efficient insulation.  This is really not a big deal though as you have to really try to shut them that way anyway.  Typically one closes before the other.  We love the modern look of this fridge and the white is spot on with our other mismatched, but updated appliances.

Cambridge, MN


Great capacity Frig


I love my refrigerator. It fits a lot of food and has great space for large containers. It's easy to clean. The shelves are easy to remove and clean and can be put in different spaces to make room for the large containers. The meat shelf can be used for prepared platters for parties. It keeps other foods from falling on the platters and spoiling your pretty preperations.

Meadows Of Dan, VA


LG armoire refrigerator


Bought this because of price, style and that it was counter depth.  However the stainless finish is very had to maintain.  And the two interior drawers never work right.  they fall off the pull out glides and its a bummer to get back on correctly.  I would NOT buy an LG again.  I would look at other options more closely.  and really open and close the drawers and check for fit and seal.

Dallas, TX


LG French Door Refrigerator

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