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French Door Refrigerators
LG French Door Refrigerator

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Buyer beware of all things LG


We have had 2 LG products that have died!! Hmm ...both after warranty expired. LG customer service is amazingly bad. There product is out of warranty and that's it, no trying to be nice no attempt at all to help just "well I guess you need to call a local appliance repair person".  We bought both a stainless steel Dishwasher and Refrigerator when we remodeled our kitchen 3 years ago and were very excited, they looked so pretty in our new kitchen.The Dishwasher is now a very pretty dish drying rack the motor went out about a year ago and the cost to fix it is more than a new dishwasher (that we just cant afford now) and now our LG French door refrigerator isn't working and all our food that isn't spoiled is in ice chests in my dining room.  First off the doors have always popped open when you close the other door, we noticed the light staying on inside and then about a month ago the digital display started saying the internal temp was 188 degrees... but there didn't seem to be a difference in internal refrigeration until this morning when I got up to luke warm food (of coarse we just grocery shopped yesterday) I have been online doing research and have found out some really bad things about these products! All of them not just what I have.  I haven't called customer service yet, but knowing what I went through with my dishwasher I am not looking forward to it. Oh by the way there is apparently a class action law suite for the light staying on inside issue. This is not a rare case of a bad apple these are consistant complaints about these appliances. You would think LG may want to solve them but they just take your money and run and don't care.  I am a Realtor times are tough, I don't know where the money is coming from to pay my mortgage let alone buy a new refrigerator. But I do know one thing Facebook and email is going to be the first place I go to let every one I know what pieces of garbage LG product are.  

Silverdale, WA


LG French Door Refrigerator

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