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French Door Refrigerators
LG French Door Refrigerator

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LG fridge is low quality and high repair fees


This fridge has been a huge disappointment for us. NONE of the doors stay shut which will end up causing huge repair fees. The fridge doors do not close easily when you shut one french door the other will pop up slightly and sometimes it's so slight that the warning beep will not even alert you that the door is open. The bigger problem is the freezer door, as this door will be open, but appear shut, and you will get NO warning beep for it being open. The obvious down fall to this is that your freezer contents will thaw which of course results in wasted money and thrown out food. The bigger problem is that the melted ice will re freeze around the freezer fan without any signs of problems until it's too late. The fan will eventually go out and cause you to pay HIGH repair bills to fix. To avoid the fan freezing up we need to un plug our fridge to make sure all ice has melted off the fan every time the door has been left open. We have gotten better leaving remember to check that freezer door is shut every time we close, but we have small children and babysitters at our house that do not always get it shut correctly.




Lemon of a fridge


Right after I purchased the LG fridge the ice maker never worked properly. The ice cubes are always crushed. Seems no one can fix it either. Noise Level I only hear the ice maker every now and again. Interior Organization As big as this fridge is, it does not fit much. Temperature Control I have had this thing serviced several times and it still freezes all the veggies and fruit in the drawers. Terrible Ease of Cleaning Not much to say regarding ease of cleaning, except is there a fridge that's easy? you have to take out the food to clean it. That's never easy or fun. Durability the drawers have cracked in a very short amount of time. I hate plastic Design The design could be better to fit more items in. This was the first year for this design so enough said really. The water dispenser has been updated since I purchased and it now fits taller cups/thermos products. The freezer could be easier to get to but that has been reinvented as well now.


Penryn, CA


LG applicances Refrigerator, dishwasher, washing maching, dryer


Remodled kitchen and replaced all appliances with LG. What a blunder. The dishwasher went bad the first month. The pump was replaced. Next, the oven's circuit board went bad. That was replaced. Now the refrigerator's circuit board is on the blink. The lights flash on and off, the damper opens and closes repeatedly and the only way to shut it is to unplug the fridge. By the way, LG washer and dryer suck also. Clothes are not cleaned thoroughly and it takes double time to dry. Note: I bought a General Electric refrigerator in 1987. It is still working and keeping beer cold in my brother's garage.


Ennis, TX


Good looking but mechanically unsound


Pass it by. I'm sure that you can find a less troubled refrigerator to do the job for you. Customer service has been spotty. Our local appliance store tries hard but they don't do any of the warranty work. If you can get the indifferent LG customer service rep to authorize work, they farm out the repair to a third-party. The repairman that came might have been the most unpleasant man I've ever had in my home. Noise Level When we first installed this fridge, it was in an enclosed cabinet. The room temperature sensor would always show an alarmingly warm 'room' temp and the compressor would run a lot. Kitchen is now redesigned and while the fridge is still in an enclosed cabinet, it now has ventilation space behind the fridge and things seemed to have settled down. Interior Organization Odd location for the meat locker breaks up the usable room on the middle shelf. This was very aggravating until we got a mini-fridge/wine cooler to help out. Temperature Control I've not had any problem here. Ease of Cleaning Glass panels are easily removed for washing in the sink. Durability The roller bearings on the crisper bins at the bottom of the fridge have failed. The plastic lugs that hold the rollers in place have cracked and some have broken off. The frame supporting the crisper drawers has also failed (cracked). The ice maker spends as much time out of the fridge as in it and the only thing that has kept this unit from bankrupting us in repair bills is that I will take the ice maker apart myself. Design Crisper drawer design is weak and prone to break. Fridge doors must be shut one at a time. This may not seem like a big deal but try to teach your seven-year-old that it has to be done, just so, every time. The ice maker is a nightmare. There is a metal bail on the bottom of the ice maker to sense when the ice bucket is full. There is no effective seal on the geared end of this bail so over the course of normal operations, water gets into the geared mechanism, freezes up in the gears and the ice maker ceases to work. You then need to take the ice maker out of the fridge and get the moisture out of the gears. I suppose if you just let it set out in the sun for a week it would dry out on its own but I was always in more of a hurry so the ice maker had to be disassembled. Five hours later (or about 45 minutes if you use a hair dryer), the now dried unit could be re-assembled, re-installed and re-initialized for ice production. Making and breaking the connections is pretty straightforward as the connectors are shaped and colored differently, but the main connector to the fridge is on a bundle of wires that is cut so short that connections must be made by touch (you can't see the connector while doing it) in an aggravatingly small space. A little extra wire here would allow you to do this and then tuck everything away. Plan on doing this little drying procedure every two months. Even the ice bucket/dispenser has given us grief. If your kid has failed to completely shut the left door to the fridge (this is the one with the ice system in it), things will thaw and then refreeze when someone else pushes the door closed. The semi-thawed ice cubes in the bucket now refreeze and fuse together. When the ice crusher in the dispenser tries to deal with these fused ice cubes things begin to crash and clank and the next thing you know, the ice dispenser is adding metal screws and pieces of ice bucket plastic into your gin and tonic.


Redmond, WA


Zero Stars


Junk. Extremely disapointing. Ice maker makes ice but rarely dispenses it. You have to open the door, open the door to the ice maker, remove the ice bin and retrieve by hand. And we've had it "fixed" - twice. Upper crisper drawer broke within first year, Tray on the lefthand drawer cracked shortly thereafter. Leaks water on floor whenever you open the left side door. All-in-all this pricey fridge has been one problem after another. The interior is very cheaply constructed. I will never purchase another LG product. Ever. Please don't make the same mistake.


Plano, TX


Love the freezer space


With a 10+ old refridgerator on the blink, we decided to purchase a new fridge. After looking at several brands, we determined that we liked the LG brand because it offered a slim profile in-door icemaker. The slim profile still allows for storage on that side of the french door. The freezer has one large pull out drawer and is then divided into a skinny top drawer and two bins below. We like to eat a lot of frozen veggies in the winter, so the top shelf is perfect for the boxes/bags of veggies. There is a handy storage shelf for canned juice as well. The fridge portion is easy to use and has quite a bit of storage. My only complaint, and why I'm not giving it 5 stars, is the lack of condiment storage. The right side door has several shelves for milk, ketchup, etc., but the tall stuff doesn't fit well. I should also mention that the stainless steel finish (not sure if its real or faux) does show finger prints like crazy.


New Palestine, IN


Very roomy on top


I just got this refridgerator and it is the first french door one I have ever gotten. I like the roomy top portion and the space saver icemaker in the door. I do not like the fact that it is hard to organize foods in the freezer compartment


Midland, GA


Looks Nice


I wanted to love this fridge.  Really I did.  In the store it was fantastic.  So shiny and new.  So we took the leap and purchased the refrigerator.  Well it didn't take long.  I can say it doesn't take much to dent the doors.  My sons have bounce matchbox cars of the freezer drawer.  It appears to have been beaten with a hammer.  The finish shows EVERY fingerprint.  The freezer drawer is very touchy.  If it is not closed slowly it will pop open just enough to let your popcicles melt while you sleep without setting off the "open" door alarm.  The door latch broke within the first year.  Customer service from LG is almost painful.  I regret this purchase. 


Yarmouth, ME


This is a great Fridge


We have the model with the water and ice maker in the door.  It looks very similar to the pictured one.     After 1.5 years we have been very happy with the refrigerator.   Nothing has malfunctioned.   Most of the negative reviewers have had defects.    Ours looks and functions great. Love the filtered water and ice in the door dispenser.    The only con has been one common to french doors, they don't don't close by themselves. You have to push them closed.  At least they have an alarm to tell you the door is open.    The ice maker does take up some door space, but we knew that going in.


Beverly Hills, CA


you're better off with a styrofoam cooler and bag of ice


we replaced a refrigerator we had for over 30 years and which we had never, I repeat never had the first problem with.  We've made up for it with this piece of junk.  We bought it because we needed a certain size to fit into our space, we wanted french door, and we wanted ice and water in the door.  It was this or another one that took up most of the inside with the ice maker.  The first one delivered (yes I said the first one) developed so much water throughout that the tech said he had never seen this before.  He used the phrase "you could go fishing in there".  He said it should be replaced.  Remember this is after less than a week.  LG refused all responsibility for the refrigerator.  The store we bought it from stepped up and replaced it with a new one.  That one worked for about 6 months when the ice maker quit.  I made 5 separate calls to the LG help line.  The people on the line are difficult to understand and don't seem very sympathetic to my problems.  Twice the tech has come out and I still don't have ice.  LG referred it to another 3rd party repair company and I'm waiting to see how they do.  The general consensus is this refrigerator is junk but we're stuck with it.  We bought an extended warranty and I'm glad we have, not that repairs seem to be very successful.  I will never, never, never buy another LG product.


Jeffersonville, IN


LG French Door Refrigerator

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