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LG Freestanding Gas Range

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We have recently moved into a new home and to be honest the Range was the item I was most excited about getting! You see, at our old home our range was very old. The pilot in the oven was going out and the starter barely worked. Not only do I think that it probably was a fire hazard, I was nine months pregnant on the floor banging the starter with a stick to make my kids dinner. NOT COOL! Anyways, moved into the new house and once this was installed I have been a cookin mama! There are so many wonderful features and my kids love the song it plays when it is finished cooking! Not to mention, it is so cool to look at! We get compliments on it all of the time. My brother actually works at an appliance store and every time he visits he comments on how awesome our range is. Thanks LG!


Fort Wayne, IN


Great Gas Oven/Stove


When we bought our house it came with an old but great oven. The kind that never need to be replaced just maintained. In fact it stopped working once and I was hoping it couldn;t be repaired so the home warranty would replace it (it was just not very pretty). Nope, no such luck. One simple part and we were on our way. I tell you this because I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted a new pretty oven. So because I was buying an oven (which are pricey) out of want not neccesity I did my home work. I quickly fell in love with this LG gas range. We got it in stainless steel and have been very happy with it since the day it was installed.   The top where you place the pots are 3 pieces, but cover the while top so you don;t have to worry about the pot fitting in a specific spot. Also these bars are cast iron. I love this because they don;t chip and are very durable.   I don't use the warming drawer to much because, well we eat our food as soon as it is done. But I do like the delayed start on baking and the automatic stop. This way I can have something start baking while I am asleep or stop if I run out.   And the convection is great. If you set it to 400 at convection it will automatically place it at 375 so the baking time stays the same. Some people say convention bakes faster. This is because their oven does not adjust the baking temp back 25 degrees. If you do want it to bake fast set it for 425 instead. However the food may not be as moist. This is just a personal preference and no fault of the oven.


Lawrenceville, GA


The look of the LG 6 Burner Gas Range is streamline!!


I love my LG 6 burner gas range. I think it looks so great in my small kitchen. The stove is very big and roomy, but it doesn't take over the kitchen or look bulky and out of place. The range has 6 burners. One is a larger "Super Boil" burner that heats up SO quickly. I get a big pot of water boiling in no time and my noodles are done quickly as well. The oven works very well also. I love the knobs for the stove and I like the the computerized timer and buttons to heat up the oven and the LCD display that shows you the exact tempurature of the oven as it preheats. It also does a little jingle when the oven has reached the tempurature that you have set it for so you know it's time to put your meal in the oven. I like that the oven is self cleaning and stainless steel. The stove top is very easy to clean and looks like an industrial, professional kitchen. I also love the added convienience of the 6th center burner. It makes life much easier when I am able to have 6 things cooking at once if I need to.


Paso Robles, CA


LG Freestanding Gas Range

5.0 3