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LG Freestanding Electric Range, 5 Elements, 5.6 cu. ft. Self-Clean Oven, Storage Drw


LG 30" Freestanding Stainless Steel Electric Range \ 5 Radiant Elements \ 5.6 cu. ft. Self-Clean Oven \ IntuiTouch Controls \ PreciseTemp Cooking System \ WideView Window \ Storage Drawer (SKU: LRE3012ST)

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Love love love this oven!


I love this oven! It has five elements on the smooth top surface, including one element for which I can select the size area that I wish to heat. The oven works as a traditional oven or as a convection oven. The oven has several timing features that are really neat, including the ability to delay the starting time and the ability to make the oven cut off after a specified period of time. Temperature Control The oven cooks very evenly, especially when the convection feature is used. Heat Distribution The heat is distributed well throughout the oven. Food cooks evenly throughout the oven. Durability The oven is very durable. I have experienced no problems with this oven. Design The design is very sleek. The stainless steel and black surface make for a very modern and professional look. Ease of Cleaning The smooth top is easier to clean than a element would be; however, it is much easier to clean if food debris is cleaned right away. The interior of the oven cleans fairly well; however, the self cleaning feature just takes a while to run through its cycle.

Muscle Shoals, AL


Better than the cheapest


I bought this oven because of the convection, hidden element and glass cooktop. The oven has some really great features that i enjoy. I love that it has a proof button. This makes it easy to get beautiful baked goods that rise in half the time. The one really big negative is the blue enamel interior coating. The first time I used the self clean option the front glass panel cracked. Then after it had unlocked and was mostly cool, I went to wipe out the dust and debris from the cleaning. To my horror, the enamel surface started to peel off too! For the cost of the oven, this should not happen. If the oven isn't cool enough to be wiped down, then it should not unlock. Or, they should use a better coating. Durability Poor coating in oven and glass in door.



LG Freestanding Electric Range, 5 Elements, 5.6 cu. ft. Self-Clean Oven, Storage Drw

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