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LG Flatron LCD Monitor

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LG Flatron Monitor is a great size with a clear picture!


When it was time to replace our old monitor, we wanted something with a clear picture and a good size and still be affordable.  With all the holiday sales, we were able to find this LG flatron monitor at a decent price.  This monitor works great and the picture is really clear and sharp.  I have seen some monitors where the screen appears stretched and distorted because they are rectangles and not squares and I was leery of getting one of these.  I should not have worried at all because this picture is not stretched and all my photos look great on it.  Since it is also made my LG, it is a product I feel good about because that is a company we have used in the past with good success.  The monitor came with software, but we didnt even need to use it because set up was so simple and easy to understand.  This is a quality flat screen monitor at a great price and I am confident it will be used for many years.

Beaver Dam, WI


LG Flatron W1952TQ Monitor is clear and precise


This LG Flatron monitor is very attractive in appearance, and is very easy to keep clean.  The smooth surface does not collect dust the way many monitors do so it does not require the constant dusting of so many other monitors. It is plastic, but does not appear cheap, but rather it has a sturdy feel to it and holds up well.  The screen seems tougher and not as delicate as other similar models as well, and it too is easy to keep clean.  Overall it requires very little effort to maintain.  The picture maintains its position, as opposed to my previous monitor that seemed to get off center a lot and required frequent adjustments.  The picture is clear and concise.  I have not had one thing go wrong with this so have never required any service or repairs in the year and a half I have owned this.  I did have one instance right after purchase where the setting screen was not in English.  I emailed the company and received a detailed reply in less than 24 hours instructing me how to correct the issue.  The solution was very easy and worked the first time, and I've had no issues since. 

Hookerton, NC


LG Flatron LCD Monitor

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