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LG Electric Dryer DLE2701V

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LG DLE2701 is the best dryer I have ever owned


I can't say enough good things about this dryer!  It is super quiet, just like the matching washer.  It has a cool down so I don't burn myself on hot buttons and zippers.  Oh, and did I mention that my clothing, my super thick towels, my comforters, and anything else I can fit in this dryer, comes out dry?  Well, it does!!  This is, hands down, the best dryer I have ever owned!


Casper, WY


I love it


 I absolutely love it.  I do not mind paying for something that is going to last.  This dryer does not take long to get hot and dries your clothes fast.  It really does what it says. So if it says wrinkle free clothes then it means it. The cool thing is you can get what ever you want built into it.And you can get it in many different colors.


Pascagoula, MS


good quality for the price


I purchased this dryer three years ago and she still works just as well as she did the first day that i brought her home. I have an eight year old grandson and he knows how to run this dryer and fold clothes!


Jackson, MI


Super Fast Drying Time - Energy Wise


 After our Washing machine broke down, we replaced it with a LG unit. WOW we were impressed. Three months later the Dryer quit working. It was a no brainer which brand was going to replace the dead dryer. The LG product line is very impressive. Now with the LG washer and dryer combination,  the chore is done worry free or so my wife tells me. I would like to try them out but she refuses to let me near them, she also likes to do yard work like mowing the grass, as long as it's a riding mower. I love my wife so I allow her these simple pleasures in life. Oh yeah I almost forgot, when the washer and dryer has completed their cycle they play this really cool tune.


Golden, MS


I love this dryer as much as I love the matching washer!!


As happy as I am about the washer, is as happy I am about this dryer.  I so love the customizable settings.  From drying a giant load of towels to just 3 pairs or your prettiest delicates, this dryer performs perfectly every time.  You get to set the time, temp, spin speed, level of dryness, etc. There's an adorable little alarm that sounds if you want it to to let you know that it's done and don't forget to take your stuff out before it gets wrinkled.  If you have just 1 item that needs a little freshening, it handles it with ease.  There's nothing I would change with this dryer, I just love love love it!!


Bechtelsville, PA


LG Electric Dryer DLE2701V

4.6 5