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LG Electric Dryer

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Lemon of a Dryer


After purchasing my LG Washer and Dryer in October, 2008, the dryer stopped running in April, 2010.  I did all the trouble shooting (my filter is always cleaned after each use) and it still does not turn. I believe it is a motor problem not the filter since the dryer will not turn.  I wrote and emailed the company in June and again in September of 2010.  To date I have not received an acknowledgement of response.  My daughter sent and email and she complained about my problem and the representative asked her to send a copy of my letter.  I forwarded the dated, June 7, 2010 and she sent it to LG and still we have not heard a word.  My main concern is that I live alone, wash every other week and find hard to believe that a dryer cannot withstand the this type of usage after 18 months.  I purchased an LG after weeks of shopping around.  I should have purchased a Samsung like my daughter did for her new house or a Kenmore which lasted my own mother over 12 years without trouble.  No response has lead to notifying everyone on my facebook friends and email address about the product and service from LG. Candi Clark

Stafford, VA


LG Dryer is very efficient. The best dryer I've ever had.


My old dryer used to take forever to dry the clothes and the cost of the electricity to use it was outrageous.  I love our LG dryer!  It is very efficient, senses when the clothes are dry and shuts off.  I am very happy with it.  It also plays a nice tune when it's done.

Richland, WA


A Great Dryer at a Great Price


When we bought our new LG washer, it only made sense to get the accompanying dryer and do a stacked set. I am ***SO* **glad we did! I love the smaller footprint for the whole set, especially since we don't have a dedicated laundry room. The dryer has the standard choices for timed drying, and also sensor dry settings. You can choose the type of clothes you're drying--such as towels, delicates, etc-- and the dryer will adjust accordingly. Perhaps one of the best features overall is the wrinkle care setting. When used, the dryer will tumble for a couple of seconds every five minutes after the cycle ends. This way your clothes don't get wrinkly if you can't get to the dryer right away. The only negative I can say is that on some occasions, especially when jeans are involved, the sensor dry says the clothes are dry before they actually are.

Tucson, AZ


Great Dryer for the Price!


We purchased the LG Electric Dryer Model DLE 2516 about a year ago. We purchased it as a set along with the LG Electric washer model WM 2016CW. The dryer will hold more clothes than you can put into the washer, which makes no sense to me, but does a great job of drying the clothes in a very short amount of time. We noticed our electric bill difference the first month. Because the washer spins the clothes almost dry, it does not take very much time for the dryer to finish drying them. We did purchase the pedestal for the washer but did not purchase one for the dryer. In my laundry area, the two appliances sit across from one another so we did not see the need for a pedestal and so far, I'm happy about that decision. My only complaint about this dryer is the lint screen. I am very particular about cleaning out the lint after every load and still, there seems to be lint that accumulates underneath in rather than on the lint screen. We took the door off the front and put my extension hose on my vacuum and cleaned it out, but feel as though the lint screen really is not doing it's job. This could be due to the fact that the adhesive on the lint screen did not hold up well. The lower section of it fell off after about 6 months of use. It was probably under warranty but I did not call to see. I will order a new one soon and maybe that will fix the lint issue. Other than that, I love my dryer and would purchase this model again.

Drexel, MO


LG dryer Sensor Dry DLE2516W


We bought this as a set with the matching washer on a Black Friday sale a year and a half ago (replacing smaller capacity units), and have loved it. We also got the stacking kit, and that was a space saver. The overall value (especially with the almost 50% off for the sale) is amazing. I love the stacked feature - no more bending to get things out to hang up. The capacity is huge (7.0 cu ft!) Even with a packed full washer load, there's plenty of room for clothes to tumble and dry quickly. There are multiple combinations possible, with 5 temperature levels, 7 drying programs, and 5 other user options (like rack drying and antibacterial program.) The Sensor dry option seems to work very well; it measures moisture in the drum during the cycle, then automatically adjusts the drying time and temperature for optimal fabric care. There is a countdown timer on the dryer, and it adjusts as needed with the sensor dry option. The lint trap is huge and sits just inside the front of the machine (below the door opening). It is very easy to clean out. The dryer has a reminder that flashes at start-up to check the filter. It is very quiet, and has various levels of "loudness" for the chimes at the end of cycle. The only drawback for me is that at 5 foot 4 inches it's a stretch to reach the controls, but my height is hardly LG's fault.... and the higher controls do stop the two-year-old from "helping" run the dryer.

Moline, IL


Too bad it's matched with such a poor washer...


Purchased the Tromm washer and dryer as a set 3 1/2 years ago. The dryer functions very well. A normal load on sensor dry takes about 41 minutes. One of the best dryers I have owned. Large capacity and versatile. The washer (WM2016CW) is already down for major repairs due to poor design.

Charleston, SC


LG Electric Dryer

4.0 6