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LG Electric Dryer

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Performs okay


I got this as a matching set when I bought the washer in 2007. The thing looks great and has lots of cycles to choose from. It has been my experience that the wetness gauge does not really perform that well. I set it to very dry and when the thing cuts off, a lot of times my clothes are still damp. Load Capacity It will hold a lot of clothes, but if I overstuff the clothes are very wrinkled when they come out. Performance The wetness gauge does not work that well and it can take a couple of hours to dry a load of towels. Ease of Use Fairly easy to use. It is a little awkward in the placement of the lint filter in that when I was bras or anything with small straps, they sometimes can on the edge of the lint filter and it can mess up my clothes. Durability I haven't really had any problems other than the length of time to dry certain clothes. Design It looks great. I have already mentioned the location of the lint filter being problematic sometimes.




Love it!


I love this dryer! It is large enough to handle a large load of jeans, towels and even a bedspread. I also love the rack that allows me to wash some shoes and dry them-no more wondering, 'Are they REALLY dry?'. The lint trap is easy to use, this dryer is awesome and love it! Load Capacity Haven't found a load I couldn't dry yet!


Amboy, WA


Awesome LG Dryer


I recently bought this for a new house that we just moved into.  I was tired of having this old washer and dryer that have very little range of settings offered.  My new LG dryer is the best dryer I have ever used.  It gets your clothes dry in about 25 minutes without drying the heck out of them or damaging your clothes.  I even accidently washed and dryed a cashmere sweater in it the other day on the gentle cycle (which is what I wash & dry all my good clothes on) and it came out just fine!  It wasn't balled up or shrunken or anything, I was impressed!  It also makes this really cool little song at the end of the cycle instead of an annoying buzz making you hate doing laundry.  If you can wait on buying one I would buy one around the thanksgiving time frame because that is when they are the cheapest.  I haven't used the steam function yet but my husband said he has used it a few times on his suit pants as he is rushing to get ready for work and he says it works awesome!


Centreville, VA


LG Electric Dryer

4.3 3