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No More Shrinking With LG SensorDry DLE1310 Electric Dryer!


  After two breakdowns of the traditional cheap dryers (One even went on fire in the middle of drying!), it was finally decided that buying cheap dryer days were over.   The difference has been dramatic! Whereas, before I would deal with an array of overly shruken clothes, now this problem no longer accures. Before, I could never dry "Dry Clean Only" clothes, now I can with its special setting. Before, it would underdry or overdry my clothes, now it sensor drys it, and I can come to "just right" clothing. I also love the speed dry button, which allows me to get my clothing done in a hurry! And in the end, it gives you a pretty tune telling you when your laundry is ready.   It is definetly more expensive buying an LG Sensor Dry, however, you can save money in other areas, such as energy usage, and time. Plus, no longer will you have to replace your cheap dryer each year.        


Lawrenceburg, TN


Great dryer


I got the LG DLE1310 (and the companion washer) as a Black Friday deal about a year ago. We purchased them to replace our old set in anticipation of the arrival of our baby. I am so glad we did! I use this dryer 4-6 times a week. My favorite part is that on sensor dry it automatically detects when the clothes are done. For the most part, everything comes out perfectly dry. The only time this is a problem is when I have a large, fluffy item in the dryer, such as a comforter or big blanket. Other items tend to get wrapped inside, so the dryer detects that the outside item is dry, but there are still some items that need to be dried. Overall not a big deal - I just take out the bigger item and pop the others back in. I can't speak to the value for the cost, since I purchased mine during a big sale. I do like the different setting options -  heat levels, timing, etc. I use the delicate setting quite frequently. The wrinkle care option is especially nice, too. It will tumble your clothes every so often for up to two hours after the cycle is done. This means you don't have to empty the dryer immediately, and your clothes will remain wrinkle-free. There are definitely facier models with steam options and other features, but I think this is a great dryer with plenty of options for everyday family life!


Henrico, VA


not as good as it could be


We bought our LG DLE 1310 dryer at the same time we bought our LG washer. The dryer, while it holds a lot of laundry, does not dry as good as it could. There are times we have to run five or even six cycles to dry a load of towels and other times, it will dry a lod with just one cycle. Also, the screen that is supposed to catch the lint from the clothes does not catch as much as it could. We had to buy a brush to clean the vent with. First time I cleaned it, got almost two cups of lint from the vent. On the positive side, it is quiet, has a large hopper that really gets the laundry a good tumble. I have never had a dryer that held so much laundry at one time. It can hold 10 or more pairs of jeans, and a whole basket full of towels. The jeans dry faster than the towels.I have been able to fit a queen sized comforter from tour bed in the dryer. The other dryers we have had in our 40 years of marriage would not hold anywhere near that much.


Mauldin, SC


We love our LG DLE 1310 Electric Dryer!


When we purchased our condo, it came with an old washer/dryer combo unit that was in bad shape. The dryer didn't dry, and the washer shook so bad that it felt like we were having an earthquake every time we did laundry. So we bought the LG DLE 1310 Electric Dryer (and an LG Washer) on sale at Home Depot. We got a good deal, and we got a small rebate because the washer/dryer are energy efficient. We did have an issue installing the washer/dryer. Because our original washer/dryer was a combo unit, it only required one plug. Since we bought a separate washer/dryer, there were two separate units with two separate plugs. We had to pay an electrician come out before we could install the new washer/dryer. Other than that, we haven't had any problems. We've owned the dryer for six or seven months now, and it works great. Our only (small) complaint is that it sometimes takes a while to dry--probably because it has such a big capacity and we wash/dry really large loads. The dryer has a sensor, so it can sense whether or not the load is dry. That determines the length of the cycle. I'm sure that could be resolved if we'd just make smaller loads. All in all, we're really happy!


Mesa, AZ


Great dryer


This dryer is easy to use, and it's energy rating was a lot better than my old one. It's quiet and will automatically stop when it senses your clothes are dry, so it saves even more energy as well. It has a lot of settings, but I generally use "normal" and unlike other appliances, it's easy to operate if you just need a simple setting.  I purchased this dryer, along with the matching washer, and have them in our laundry room on the second floor. This dryer is very quiet, I can't even hear it going when the door to the laundry room is closed. It is so quiet that even though our bed and our son's room is right next to the laundry room, I still can run it while going to sleep. Because of the large size it is able to dry a full load in about 40 mins. The washer usually runs about 55 mins for a full load, so when I'm doing multiple loads it gives me the perfect amount of time to take the dry load out and fold it by the time the wash is ready to into the dryer. Very efficent.


Jamison, PA


Love this dryer!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this dryer, the room is amazing, in fact I can now dry my comforters in it and don't need to go to the laundromat to do larger things. The sense dry setting is great, there is no running the dryer when things are dry, so it saves energy that way as well. Clothes come out fairly unwrinkled. Towels seem to be so much softer than in a regualr dryer as well. Now doing laundry is no longer a chore with theses washers and dryers!


Northumberland, PA


LG Electric Dryer

4.7 6