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LG Electric Dryer

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Inconsistent Performance since early on - electronics not quite


This machine has never quite worked right - it's ok, but it frequently has changed the timer incorrectly so we never really know if it is really done. Usually have had to move clothes around and turn back on... eventually stopped using auto sensors which never quite worked.



This LG DLE2514 front load dryer does the job!


This LG DLE2514W front loader does everything I could want it to do and does it very well.  In sensor mode it automatically adds time if needed to reach dry level desired. It is large capacity and all the temp/time selections are great. The dryer rack included is great for flat drying or doing shoes or problem items you can't spin(or won't because of the noise). This is my first front loader and I recommend it or comparable LG product to anyone.

Browns Mills, NJ


I am in LOVE with this dryer!


Oh my, am I in love with my LG dryer! First, it's gorgeous and sleek, and the top surface is nice for folding clothes. And it has tons of settings, from timed drying to spin speed to drying temperature to child locks. I love the chimes that go off when you're setting your drying preferences, and that it chimes when it's done drying. The lint trap is very easy to get to, which is handy. And everything dries SO fast. Most of the loads I've done have taken about 30-40 minutes. That's all! I think this dryer is totally worth the money, even though it IS very expensive on the face of it. My only complaint is that when I have the dryer on the "sensor dry" cycle, sometimes some of the clothes don't fully finish drying, especially heavy items like bathroom towels or rugs. It's not really a big deal, since I can just put them back in for another cycle, but sometimes it is kind of annoying when I go to retrieve the laundry and find that half of it is still damp.

Louisville, KY


This dries sooo much faster than my old one!


I purchased this LG dryer to replace my old Kenmore that was on it's last leg. I am pleasantly surprised with this dryer! It has taken me a while to figure out what settings work best with the loads of laundry that I do, but once I got the hang of it, I think I'm using it pretty efficiently!  I especially love the sensor dry function that automatically detects when the clothes are dry.  A load of baby clothes and blankets is typically dry in 20 minutes! I love that this has the child lock function, although I wish that it would also prevent the door from being opened.  My little guy just loves to push buttons, especially when there are lights involved!  I haven't gotten an electric bill yet since I started using this dryer, but I'm hoping that I see a decrease in consumption since this seems to dry faster even on a lower heat setting.  I am looking forward to my washer giving in so I can get the matching one!

Revloc, PA


I love this Dryer!


When I was in the market for a new Dryer, I made sure to look at reviews and ask for recommendations.  I am very glad I went with the advice of others and bought this Dryer.  It is so easy to use, works great and has a quick drying time.  There are many settings to chose from  on it such as Cotton/Towels, Normal, Delicates, and Manual dry which has a Speed dry or Air dry option under it, so depending on what you are drying you can choose the right one for the material.  There are also other features you can choose from like Dry Level, Temp. Control, and Time Dry, but I rarely use these because I feel like the Sensor Dry Cycle does a great job sensing when the clothes are dry.  The only regret I have is not buying the Steam option.  It would be really nice to be able to turn that on to get out any wrinkles if the clothes are left in the dryer for too long.  Other than that, I have been very pleased with this dryer and have no complaints! 

Mona, UT


This LG Dryer is just all right


Does the** LG DLE2514W **dry clothes?  Depends on the setting.  I was hoping the **Sensor Dry Cycle** would work better than it does, as this was something  I was looking forward to using.  My problem with this option is, my towels are still wet after the cycle is done, even though I have tried the Dry Level to the highest option out of: Less, Normal, More.  It seems that a few towels will be dry, but not the rest in the load.  So, instead, I use the Timed Dry option for my towels and heavier items, such as dungarees and flannel shirts. I am also not liking the Wrinkle Care.  When this option is selected, the dryer will tumble the clothes for up to three hours.  Doesn't matter how little or long the clothes tumble, they come out wrinkled.  The old way works the best, just get your clothes out of the dryer and hung up asap! The things I like about the **LG Dryer:** Twin comforters and some thinner King comforters will fit in the dryer.Pillows dry well without lumpingChild Safety LockFits a large amount of clothes Overall, the LG Dryer works ok for me, but I don't need all the drying options because I don't use them.

Oak Ridge, NC


LG: Life's Great For Sure


This is the best thing that has happened to our household in a long time.  Our old washer and dryer pretty much went out on us.  It would take 2 and 3 dry cycles to get our clothes dry.  Our washing machine would leave soap stains all over our clothes and sheets.  It was awful.  We finally decided that we needed new appliances.  We looked at several different brands and finally chose the LG Washer and Dryer.  We chose this brand for a couple of reasons.  First of all was the price.  We got an excellent deal on the set.  Second of all was the energy usage.  We were hoping to save on our electric bill.  It is an energy effecient dryer.  You really don't even know that they are running because they are so quiet.  I have been so happy and pleased with the new dryer.  It doesn't heat up our laundry room like our old one. Hardly any vibration and it holds so much more.  Plus the clothes don't come out all wrinkled  All in all I give this product an A+ 

Cabot, AR


LG Electric Dryer

4.0 7