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LG Electric Dryer

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LG Tromm Dryer......looks nicer than it runs


I have usually always gotten LG or kitchen Aid appliances in my house. When I bought this Dryer, it was one of the top of the line dryers at the time. Due to my experience with other LG appliances, and the reviews that were coming out with this dryer about all of it's options, and the way this dryer looked compared to others, I was hooked when I went to buy the LG Tromm. When I got home and used the dryer, I realized how much larger the drum was than all the other machines. I can dry a king size comforter in this LG dryer with out a problem. After crayons got left in a pocket, I was very happy that I have a stainless steel crayon marks any where, and none on the clothes. Still to this date, this dryer has one of the largest stainless steel drums. The performance of the dryer has been ok. I have had to get the heating element replaced 2 times and the board 1 time since I have owned it. Right after a new element is in, it can dry a king sized load in 45 minutes tops. I can dry a regular size load in 30 minutes after a new element is in, after its a couple years, it takes 90 minutes to dry a regular load. Also, i have had to replace my lint screen several times, as it doesn't catch real well after a couple years. The ease of use is very easy. After you figure out how to program it, any one can dry their clothes in 3 touches of the button. Cleaning the dryer is very easy, especially since it has a stainless steel drum. If some one could find this dryer used at a great deal, I would suggest they get one. Overall, I have been happy with my dryer.




LG Dryer does its job.


I am very happy with my LG dryer. It has a lot of settings to adjust to all of the different types of clothing. I have the large capacity washer so the dryer can hold a lot of clothes and dries no problem. I love the dewrinkle button! When I forget to take my clothes out right away I just use that for a touch up and it comes out nice most of the time. The biggest issue I have is that the washer really twists my clothes up and the dryer cannot get the wrinkles out. It is very easy to clean the dryer periodically to get all of the lint out of the chute. As long as you clean the lint after each load the build up is not that bad. The drying sensor is nice since it stops drying once it senses that the clothes are dry. It save a lot on electricity and it doesn't over dry your clothes. Great dryer!


North Grosvenordale, CT


it sings a song! I love it!


This dryer is perfect in every way! There are so many cycles to choose from, different temperature settings, different timed settings, or a lot of pre set settings that you can use. You can even make and save your own setting for using a lot. I love that the dryer came with a rack to put in it, if I want to dry something and lay it flat, like a sweater, that I dont want tossed around, it is so much faster than a typical 'drying rack' that your sweater lays on for days and is still wet! There is a cool down cycle at the end of every drying so that your clothes aren't scolding hot when you are folding them! I love that it sings a song at the end instead of a loud annoying buzzer, which also makes my baby happy! It sounds like one of his toys! so it doesn't wake him if I decide to do laundry late at night. I love how big it is, I can easily do every single towel in our house in one load , in the washer and dryer, and it isn't overloaded. we got both pedestals to go with them, it makes them a lot higher so you also aren't bending over hurting your back to put clothes in and out of the dryer. and bonus you can store stuff in them!


Hebron, MD


gets the job done


I guess most people won't think of LG brand when think about purchasing a dryer, but I decided to give it a try after hearing some good things about their products. I have used other LG products before and have had good experience. This is about medium sized dryer, still quite heavy. It can take about 10-15 clothes, no large liner like bedding or it'll get stuck. You'll notice the size of the load when you see it, just don't cram the load too tight. It has 9 predefined mode of operation, I mainly just use one so I don't know why it needs that many. It also has 5 temperature level, but I don't set it. I have the dryer in my house so I can check my clothes from time to time. This thing is pretty load however, it's best to put it in a basement or spare room. Overall, I have not been too happy with this, even though it gets the job done and hasn't broken down. But I wish it was able to take more clothes.


Gold Canyon, AZ


Price vs Value - Never buy a LG again


I spent a lot of time researching washers & dryers, front and top load units.  Thought I had done my homework but for what I paid for this dryer & washer I could have spent a lot less and got a better product.  After several service calls, the retailer had LG send out one of their own service technicians.  To make a long story short, LG customer service is terrible.  My noise problems never did get resolved except with an explanation that my dryer is only supposed to be used on a concrete slab home and problem could not be fixed.   I will never buy a LG product again.


Gilroy, CA


The LG Tromm Electric Dryer had been reliable.


The LG Tromm DLE5955W Electric Dryer we bought when we bought the matching Washer with it has been very reliable. However now after 2 years it takes 2 drying cycles to dry items. I am thinking a censor needs cleaned however need someone to do this for me. It plays the most beautiful "tune" instead of a "buzzer". At the beginning it did what it said it would and was pretty quick. I do think it needs a clean up on filters and sensor and it will be as good as new. It isn't terribly noisey and I love the drying rack that came with it to dry your handwash items quickly and efficiently. I would buy again, perhaps in a different color than white (the other colors cost more at the time), but it has been a lovely dry, especially compared to our last old dryer.


Nampa, ID


Just a great dryer!!


My LG Dryer is got to be the coolest dryer anyone would love this thing. It's all digital screen, tells you everything going on, select how long, how hot, you want it. It even has a steam cycle, so if you jst have wrickly shirt this needs straightening or you want to steam a few shirts, mine does three shirt at a time, has saved me so much money, I haven't spent any money on dry cleaning service in the nine months I have owned this dryer, I wouldn't trade it for anything, it's everything you need. Really so fancy but fun looking and it plays a little tune at the end of every cycle. It even has a speed cycle, so if your in a hurry, Or a guest comes in out of the rain , you can quickly dry their coat for them, in a flash! I can't say enough about this dryer, it has everything a large family needs to get the job done, it seems to know when the clothes are done, I really done know how this works, but your clothes don't sit in the dryer a moment too long. So I save money because its not running.You really just can't beat it, I purchased mine at sears, so my price was pretty good with a five year warranty, same price as bestbuys two year warranty except sears doesn't charge for service calls. So I think I got a terrific deal on one of the best dryers made yet! I'm sure they will improve, but this is all you need if your running to the laudry mat for large comforters or to the cleaners for it, you wont have to with this machine. I have already saved so much money, and it so more convenant to do this stuff at home then having to run out. Really I just love it!


Ridley Park, PA


Very satisfied with LG front load dryer.


 The LG dryer performs quietly, efficiently, and is very energy efficient.  I am completely satisfied with the quietness and performance.   My **dry clean only** items washed in the **LG** matching washer come out perfectly and only slightly damp and dry wrinkle free in this dryer and go direct to hanger.  Silk items also dry wrinkle free.  My only complaint is that I waited so long to purchase a front load washer and dryer. 


Newberry, FL


LG Electric Dryer

4.0 8