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LG DLEX3550W Dryer

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Solid dryer overall


Some features are confusing and others I'd like to have are not present Load Capacity Does fit a lot of clothes inside Performance Clothes are not always dry Ease of Use Unless using strictly preset options it's difficult to set to your specific needs Durability Our lint trap housing cracked right in half after about a year, from normal use, not from drying anything crazy. Design It's difficult to find a laundry basket whose top is below the level of the bottom of the door. I like to be able to put the empty basket down directly in front of the dryer, especially with socks and such, so they don't spill when I open the door. The bottom of this door is lower than any baskets I can find, so I cannot open the door with a basket in front.



Large capacity dryer that serves its purpose


Unlike my LG washer, I've been fairly happy with this dryer. It is loaded with features and the steam function works reasonably well. Drying times are quite good and clothes come out dried well. The sensor seems to work because clothes don't come out damp or too dry and overly hot. The best thing about this dryer is that it accepts a fairly large load. My only grip is that the seal around the plastic window on the door collects link and I'm not sure why this isn't getting caught in the trap. Every now again there is also some water that seems to be captured in the seal the drips out upon opening of the dryer. So I rate this dryer as fairly good, but again, not great. Based on my experience with the LG washer, my impression of the dryer isn't good enough to keep me from looking elsewhere when I got to purchase a new set.

Carmel, IN


LG DLEX3550W Dryer

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