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LG DLE5001W Dryer

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I would buy this again!!


I love LG and this is an amazing dryer

Orlando FL


Absolutely love it! I purchased the washer as well!


I use this product often to do the laundry in my home. My family loves the easy to operate features.

Chesapeake, VA


i would not


for me i prefer use the top door not using the side door cause it will be easy use and the kind of the cleaner soap will not be expensive so it will low the cost of the cleaning process so for me i prefer the other kind of cleaning machine that depend on the feeder from the top



Dries quickly


Love this dryer, never had a problem and use it regular. Clothes are always dry when timer goes off. It is a quiet and it gets the job done. I clean my filter after every job so it never builds up.

decatur, al


a review of the washing machine


LG is a product not regrettable easy to use and also with a good resulta



Energy efficient!


Since I was on a budget, I went with the LG dryer since it was significantly cheaper than the other brands / models. It works fine, but what I enjoyed most about this dryer is that its energy efficient.





in my frend

san in libya

Great dryer, reliable and easy to use.


I think this LG dryer is a great and reliable machine to use. It has some merits such as it is so organized in its timings, smooth and easy. It's not that type of machine which will Produce a loud noise on power. You can depend on it in everyday's clothes, towels and others. It has great advantage as it has a large number of programs which you can adjust To handle your favourite way of drying. It has the anti bacterial program which is not found in many machines. Don't expect your clothes to be over wrinkled, it will be much more slightly wrinkled than any other one. The clothes will be not so moist even in the short duration cycle. Finally speaking i would recommend this LG dryer as it lacks any of the disadvantages.



The best one


I bought this dryer 1 month ago, just like everything LG have this machine is worth it. I bought it with the matching LG Washer. The washer is great and this dryer is amazing it is so easy to use and drys very quickly. It was fantastic from the beginning, the clothes came out fresh and mostly very warm it is very efficient, it automatically adjusts the drying time for clothes which eliminates the guess work one needs to do with respect to drying times for clothes and I think that is an amazing thing all what you have to do is choose the setting and push the start button and wait for the music to play that alerts you that it has finished its drying cycle. If you didn't like the sensor based drying cycle well It has manual controls for timed drying cycles. I love this machine because It is very easy to operate and the clothes dry in a short time and the clothes comes out dry and pet hair and fuzz free every time. I have only had it 1 months, but it works as well as it did the first day. Compared to my last dryer the load capacity on this dryer is awesome. I recommend you to buy it because you wont regret it. Thank you LG :)





I like the dryer lg. Because the clothes dry in a short time only in a few minutes, and has a highly efficient and easy to use and can withstand a large amount of clothing inside it , I advise buying this dried



LG DLE5001W Dryer

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