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LG Chocolate 3 Cell Phone

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The Chocolate 3 is by far the BEST phone that I have owned.


          I absolutely love the chocolate 3. The FM transmitter was essentially what sold me on purchasing this phone. My previous phone was a Samsung and I was sure that I would get another, however the chocolate 3, being a music based phone, really grabbed my attention.           Unlike the prior two chocolate phones, the chocolate 3 is a flip phone and not a slider phone, and as a result, the chocolate 3 has a larger screen and keypad. I always said that I would never own a chocolate because of the slide screen and am so pleased that the third generation is now a flip screen.         Verizon Wireless is the carrier of the chocolate 3 and I highly recommend them. The people I have worked with are incredibly knowledgable and extremely helpful. The phone service has been excellent for me, and the number of dropped calls I have had can be counted on one hand.           All around I am so pleased with the Verizon Wireless network as well as the LG Chocolate 3 and recommend both with extremely high regards.  

Longmont, CO


The LG Chocolate 3 was a great phone


I used to own this phone up until a few months ago.  I've recently purchased the HTC HD2 smartphone.  Until then the LG Chocolate was the best phone I'd ever had.  I loved that it was a media phone with the ability to make calls.  I would carry headphones and listen to my music a lot of times, allowing me to discard any additional hardware I would normally need to do so. The LG Chocolate 3 also took relatively good quality pictures for being a phone.  Though to be fair this phone was an upgrade for a more simplistic phone which took horrible pictures at a horrible resolution, so I may be biased a bit. The sound quality and speaker on the phone are also top-notch quality.  It also goes without saying that the music playing ability was a very nice feature to have as well. Overall if you are looking for a non-smartphone, and the price is right, I don't think you can go wrong with this phone.  I actually still own it but I don't have a contract for it any longer.  

Blacksburg, VA


LG's Chocolate 3 Success!


I have really enjoyed my LG Chocolate cell phone. I love the sleek look and the preview screen. I know that flip phones seem to be going out of style because of QWERTY keyboards and touch screens, but the Chocolate 3 is still a good phone. I prefer the flip phone style over touch screens as I have found it more reliable. When you push "3," you get a "3" on the first try. The only downside to this phone is the built-in ringtones and sounds. Even with the volume turned all the way down, they are much too loud. The easy fix was to get my own tones, but I realize that some people don't have the know-how or the money to just replace obnoxiously loud tones. A few of my friends who had the Chocolate 2 had problems with recieving and sending text messages. Sometimes it would take up to half an hour to finally get a text. This was one concern I had when I got the Chocolate 3, but I haven't had any problems with calls or texting. A great phone!

Commerce City, CO


The Chocolate 3 in light blue is the best phone ever


I love this phone SOOO much that I have purchased 3 of them. This phone is for the person who is not interested in smartphones. The chocolate 3 is everything I have ever wanted in a phone. It has a music player with an FM transmitter, a quality camera with video. It is a flip phone with a face that locks so no "butt dialing". These are quality phones I have purchased three because one met with an angry caller and the other took a swim in the washer. The third is handled with care. The chocolate 3 is perfect for the person that just wants a phone, text, a camera, and a music player. I will buy the chocolate 3 again and again, or until technology makes me go with a smartphone.

Sullivan, IN


Okay for basic phone needs


Well, I've had this phone for about 3 years now...and until recently I've been very satisfied with it. I mean, it was nothing special, but I didn't have any problems with it. I didn't used to text very much, so it's numeric keypad wasn't a bother. What's come in handy for me: the 2 megapixel camera (not bad for a phone). It's real attraction is the MP3 playing aspect. It can hold quite a bit of music, and the quality isn't too bad. Phone call quality has been very satisfactory also. I've even been able to make good use of the mobile web browser which you have to pay extra for :(. Another thing I enjoyed was the wheel button on the outside- I could flip through my pictures and messages really fast. But now, this phone is outdated! You can't watch videos with it, you can't text very fast, it is hard to browse the web compared with smartphones...too many things you have to pay for/subscribe to. Plus, its battery life is not that great.  

Sarasota, FL


LG Chocolate 3 is not a bargin!


I have had this cellphone for several years, and when I say cellphone I mean the model. The actual cellphone has been replaced countless times! If we had the funds I would instantly purchase a new one, however we dont so I have been stuck with this model and hate it. The phone itself is sleek, easy to carry in your pocket, simple to text and call on. However, it has continued to constantly turn itself off. I have had it vibrate in my pocket, thinking someone is calling or texting I pull it out and it is my phone turning itself off or back on. I have also had it turn off  on me in the middle of an actual phone conversation. I have my own buisness, so this is really hard. Each time I take it back Verizon does replace it, but the only explanation they have is the memory isnt enough. So if I have to many pictures or am texting to fast it in a sense overloads and shuts down? It is not like I have millions of photos, maybe 100. If your looking for a phone I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Apollo, PA


LG Chocolate 3 Cell Phone

3.7 6