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LG - Cell Phone

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About 2 years ago I purchased an LG CE110 flip cell phone.   It was very affordable but I have already chipped a place out of the phone.  It is very easy to navigate and I have used 80 percent of the features.  If you don't mind a very small phone, this would be a good basic phone.  However, I am constantly dropping it because it easily slips out of my hand.  Because of the size, I have to dig to find it in my purse every time it rings.  

Indianapolis, IN


I just got rid of this phone, I HATED it


I got the LG CE110 phone when we added a line to our plan last year because it was cheap with the new contract. BIG mistake! This phone was horrible, it dropped calls all the time and I could never hear when I was on the phone. The speakerphone wasn't much better, it was always grainy and crackling sounding. It does have bluetooth and its a picture phone, but it takes really bad pictures, even for a cell phone camera. The screen is very hard to see, especially if you are out in the daylight. Its a very light weight phone, thats one of the few good things it has going for it. It also has a phone book that holds like a thousand numbers, which is more than alot of phones. The battery life is terrible on it too, I would have to plug my phone in to charge AT LEAST once a day even if I didn't use it very much. It was a cheap phone, and okay for texting but if you are going to talk very much I would definitely stay away from this phone.

Jefferson City, MO


LG - Cell Phone

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