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LG - Cell Phone

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The LG Decoy is a nice phone


I bought the LG Decoy two years ago and I am still using it today.  It is lost some if its battery life but it still can go for two days without a charge.  The battery has a great life to it.  When the phone was new I was able to go for almost a week without charging it.  I am on my phone quite a bit with texting to friends and family and even through that the battery has lasted.  It does not have a full keyboard which is disappointing.  I like the ease it slides open and closed.  It is a nice small phone that easily fits in my pocket which I love.  It his a nice bluetooth attached to the back of the phone.  I do not really use the bluetooth but it is a great addition for someone who will use it all the time.  It is pretty durable.  I have dropped it numerous times and it has a few scratches here and there but it holds up to the abuse I put it through.  One bad part is that the front is easily smudged my fingerprints or oils from your face when you are on the phone.  It is easily wiped off though.


Normal, IL


LG Decoy...pretty cool w/ a built in bluetooth earpiece


Its a pretty cool phone with a built in bluetooth earpiece in the back. It slides up. Is really durable. Has a great camera that takes pictures and captures videos. I can also upload mp3s on it. The only thing is it doesn't have easy access to internet.


Hampton, VA


LG Decoy [Limited Edition]: Good Value with some minor downfalls


I've had this Limited Edition LG Decoy for a little over a year now. Some of my favorite features include:  the slider feature on the phone (personally, I do not like flip phones); the Limited Edition titanium color + the phone came with a standard charger, as well as a base charger that can be used as a speaker phone while the phone is charging.  The sound on the base charger is excellent.  However, for some reason, I am unable to play music using the speaker phone capabilities of the base charger.  Perhaps I haven't figured out the correct settings to enable listening to my music using this accessory, Additional pros for this phone include: the large capacity for contacts, contact group lists and the ability to manage text and phone calls by caller name/number.  The design is small, compact and fits nicely in a purse and a front or back pocket and after being dropped several times, this phone is rather durable.  For an additional fee, you can also purchase a USB cord  that connects the phone ot your computer and enables you to sync music from Windows Media Player to the phone.  In order to do this, you must download the free VW Media Manager software from the VW web site. Cons include:  Over time, the numbers on the key pad are starting to wear off.  Although this is a cosmetic issue, it does bother me; limited amount of text message storage (I believe 200 total - sent, received and drafts)...for someone who texts a lot, I'm constantly finding myself erasing messages so that I can receive additional messages (kind of annoying). Overall, this is a great phone for someone who enjoys the convenience of technology, but doesn't need all the "latest and greatest" to get the most out of their cell phone.  Additionally, the Bluetooth headset attaches to the phone so you don't have to worry about losing it.  I highly recommend the LG Decoy for Verizon Wireless customers. 


San Clemente, CA


Built in Bluetooth for Decoy is great...if it works


When it came time to upgrade our cell phones, my entire family got LG Decoy phones. Thus I have been able to hear what five people thought of these. At first, the biggest problem was the scratching. The phone is very shiny, and, being a slider phone, it offers no protection for its screen. Mine was pretty badly gouged by my keys in a matter of weeks, but I felt that was more my fault than the phone's. It does scratch easily, and care must be taken to avoid it. As user issues, some of us found ourselves hanging up on people due to the silder function operating a little loosely. Also, the joystick controller was rather erratic. Still, these seemed like user error, so we didn't blame the phone. Out of the box, my phone would not charge its bluetooth unit. This was a problem that happened pretty often and could be remedied my removing and replacing the battery, but it still wasn't convenient to be doing so so often. Then the phones started breaking. Mine completely lost its power and would do nothing. My sister's will connect to no bluetooth device, not even it own. My mother's will not charge properly. The sound quality has been okay, and the built in headset is handy, but all in all the phones have been more trouble than they are worth. We traded them in this month, a year early.


Tampa, FL


LG Decoy is cute, practical and convenient!


I love this phone! One of the best features of the LG Decoy is that the bluetooth is built into the back of the phone! It snaps out easily when you are ready to use it. It also charges as you charge the phone so there is no excuse when you are driving! I found this to be a lifesaver since I would always lose or forget my bluetooth, or it wouldn't have any charge if I did remember it. The camera is pretty sweet, though I wish there were a flash option. If the pic is taken in good lighting it can come out great, but if it's a bit dim then you may be out of luck. I am mainly a pic/text/phone call person (no web, apps, etc) and this phone is perfect for my needs. The downside is that the face gets smudgy and can scratch fairly easily. I was able to keep the screen film on for a few months before it fell off, which helped for a bit, but now it's getting dinged up a lot. If they make covers for this phone then I would get one.


Magnolia, NJ


My Lg Decoy is a great cell phone.


My revue is for the Limited Edition LG Decoy.  I get a new phone every 2 years with my Verizon wireless plan so I went on their website to check out all the phones that were available.  After checking out about 50 different phone I saw that the LG Decoy had a blue tooth that was attached to the phone.  This was agreat selling point to me as I had a blue tooth but hated dragging it out when I was driving and I hated that I had to charge it separately from my phone.  It has very good voice clarity and is quite easy to use.  It is really not for anyone who does a lot of texting as it does not have the text keyboard.  I find it really easy to use in the car when you need to talk on the phone.  The bluetooth easily detaches and can be attached to your ear within seconds.  This is a great phone for someone who just wants a not too complicated phone.  It is smart looking and very light weight. 


Baldwinsville, NY


Great for Driving


I love my LG Decoy.  One great characteristic is the bluetooth.  I love that it is already attached.  You don't have to buy a separate piece.  It also charges when you have the phone charging.  It is very easy to connect and it works wonderfully in the car.  I don't use it if I'm walking or anything because people on the line tell me it sounds like I'm in a wind tunnel.  I also love the fact that the phone is a slider.  I have broken two flip open phones.  This one is much more sturdy.  It isn't very big and fits perfectly into the little pockets they now put in purses.  I really like that I can have the phone vibrate and ring.  It is easy to change volume settings.  The camera in the phone is great.  It is very easy to use and I use it often.  I also like that you can add a media card which allows me to take tons of pictures.  I use the speed dialing regularly.  The battery life is great and only takes an hour or so to fully charge.


Haverford, PA


Verizon LG Decoy


The Verizon Wireless LG Decoy phone, which is blue, is a great phone.  It has its defects just like any other phone would have. I've had it for about 6 months and have had no problems what so ever with the phone. I wouldn't trade it for any other phone out there!  It has the slide up feature which is great!


Princess Anne, MD


A removable bluetooth headset that stows in the phone GENIUS


This is probably my fourth LG cell phone. I really like the whole LG line. They are always easy to use and have lots of menus that are very helpful. I recently upgraded to the VX8610 LG Decoy. It's about time that someone come up with a built-in Bluetooth headset that stows away in the back of the phone. Especially since the hands free laws have gone into effect all over the country. It is conveniently docked in the back and you can pop out the headset when you need it and just snap it back in when you don't. It had a handy 2-Megapixel camera, a music player, V cast support, The style of the phone is very attractive with the gun metal color. The buttons are very easy to press. The only down fall that I have found is that the toggle is sometimes difficult to navigate but it is much better then using keys to scroll up and down. The size of it is 4.01 inches high, by 1.97 inches wide, by .067 inches thick. The display is 2.2 inches and the weight is 4.05 ounces. The LG Decoy has a rated battery life of 3.83 hours talk time and 13.75 days standby time. The Bluetooth headset on the Decoy has a rated battery life of 2 hours talk time and 3.33 days standby time.


San Diego, CA


The LG Decoy is a decent all around phone.


The LG Decoy is a good all around phone. With it's multiple features and easy access, it is a very good choice for someone looking for a regular, easy phone. The phone has all of the normal features that phones made for Verizon Wireless have, only with upgrades that make it more attractive than others.  It's 2.0 Mega-pixel camera was good quality for the time it came out, and the Mp3 capability is a definite plus. Another aspect that makes it different is that it does not use four separate buttons to navigate, but instead uses a small "joystick."  But what really separates this phone from all others is the detachable Bluetooth headset.  Despite not being the best quality of headset, it is reliable and gives much easier access than one sold separately.  This feature is truly revolutionary in how it clips into the back of the phone. This easy access is what first interested me.  And for those who do not wish to have the headset attached, a separate piece is included to cover the empty space if you choose.  A main problem that I have had with this phone is that after time, it tends to turn off randomly when bumped the wrong way.  This may have something to do with the battery.  But other than that, I have had minimal problems with this phone and enjoy the benefits that it provides.


Holley, NY


LG - Cell Phone

3.6 10